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Digital Cinema Technology Nov. 27, 2015
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London, England—Nov 25, 2010

Nordisk Choose Masterimage 3D

Nordisk work with Kinoton to get the best from Masterimage 3D
Photo: MasterImage  WAVE3D MasterImage WAVE3D
MasterImage WAVE3D Photo: MasterImage  WAVE3D MasterImage LC 3D for multiple screens
After a careful selection process, Nordisk Film, which operates 115 screens in Denmark and Norway, has selected MasterImage 3D for all its digital screens. 
Jan Petersen, Chief Technical Officer of Nordisk Film Biografer (Cinemas) said that  Nordisk made their choice of MasterImage 3D based on three main factors - cost, the business model, and picture quality. With numerous different 3D systems to choose from, Nordisk researched the market thoroughly, and also relied heavily on advice from Kinoton, a trusted company with whom it has worked for many years. In-depth talks between Kinoton and Nordisk, with practical demonstrations of different systems, led to the choice of MasterImage 3D. 
Nordisk,  for operational reasons, wanted a system with low-cost disposable glasses, leading them to focus on systems using circularly polarised glasses.  They carefully examined 3D images from the available systems and concluded that image quality from the MasterImage 3D system was slightly better than from other  systems, and were also influenced by the fact that they could buy the system outright, with no ongoing lease payments. The costs of the MasterImage 3D system also worked out favourably at the volumes being considered by Nordisk, which has an ongoing programme of cinema digitisation, and currently has more than 30 digital screens, all of which use MasterImage 3D. 
Lutz Schmidt, International Sales Manager for Kinoton, said that Kinoton had experience of many 3D systems and had been able to demonstrate MasterImage to Nordisk  and to provide positive feedback from MasterImage 3D systems which had been installed in other European countries, in Korea, and in the USA. Kinoton were thus able to re-assure Nordisk that the installation of MasterImage 3D would be straightforward and that the company would be able to provide the equipment in time for the proposed deadline. 
Brian Kercher, Managing Director of MasterImage 3D Europe says that one of the many strengths of the company is that it works in partnership with Cinema Integrator companies throughout Europe. This enables MasterImage 3D to ensure that its equipment is properly installed and regularly maintained and serviced by teams of skilled and experienced cinema engineers who understand the needs of the cinema exhibition industry. MasterImage 3D also works in partnership with the many cinemas which it serves, and these close working partnerships are the secret of success for all those using the world-class MasterImage 3D system. 
Echoing Brian’s remarks, Jan Petersen said that Nordisk, already the largest cinema chain in Denmark, serving six million visitors a year, intends to expand its digital cinema numbers in the coming years, and he is delighted with the successful partnerships that the company has established both with MasterImage 3D and with Kinoton.
Contacts: MasterImage 3D Europe PLC, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England SL0 0NH
Tel: +44 1753 785132 email: 
About MasterImage 3D, Inc.: MasterImage 3D, Inc Leader in optical 3D display solutions for cinema and mobile devices. Over 8,000 3D cinema systems in over 1,000 countries. Brightest, sharpest 3D experience with compelling ownership pricing model. Invented, patented and mass-produced leading technology for auto-stereoscopic display. Privately held; headquartered in Los Angeles. Offices in the UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Brazil. MasterImage 3D, Inc. Directory page MasterImage 3D, Inc. Web Site About Nordisk Film Cinemas: Nordisk Film is part of the Egmont Group and is the leading Nordic developer, producer and distributor of cinema content within movies and video games.  Nordisk Film holds the Nordic distribution rights to Sony PlayStation and owns movie theaters in Denmark and Norway.  The company also supplies production and post-production facilities to a number of Scandinavian film companies.  The company employs a staff of 1,400 in the Nordic region.

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