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Digital Cinema Technology Jul. 28, 2015
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Costa Mesa, CA—Apr 24, 2012

QSC Debuts the DXP Digital Expansion Processor at CinemaCon

Processor Helps Create Exceptionally Powerful Networked Audio Solution for Cinema
QSC Audio Products LLC announces that the DXP Digital Expansion Processor will be introduced for the first time at the company’s booth at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, April 28-30, 2012. 
The DXP works with the existing DCP 200 and 300 cinema processors to create an exceptionally powerful networked audio solution for cinema.  The DXP is a 1U rack mount DSP processor that connects to the DCP's via CobraNet™.  CobraNet routes digital audio and control information over Ethernet to allow the DXP to be mounted near the loudspeakers if desired. 
The QSC DCA Series amplifiers connect to the DXP via a DataPort interface. The DataPort connection supplies audio to the amplifier and controls the AC power while monitoring key amplifier conditions such as clipping and heat sink temperature. The audio output of the amplifier is returned to the DCP via the CobraNet connection so that it can be listened to via the DCP's built in monitor speaker. 
When mounted behind the screen with the amplifiers, The DXP eliminates the need for long and expensive speaker cables and conduit. Inexpensive Ethernet cable and a local AC power source can greatly reduce the cost of system wiring. The DXP is also useful in "boothless" cinema concepts as the entire sound system need not be located in a single, large rack.

The DXP provides 12 DataPort connections and all of the necessary DSP for loudspeaker crossovers. For very large systems, up to two DXP's may be connected to each DCP. The DCP/DXP combination is ideal for multi-channel audio systems with up to 16 inputs.

The QSC Cinema Solutions portfolio, featuring the new DXP Digital Expansion Processor, can be seen at CinemaCon Booth 613F.
CobraNet is a trademark of Cirrus Logic, Inc.

QSC Contacts: Danny Pickett, 
Director, Global Cinema Sales
Cinema Marketing Manager, 
About QSC Audio Products, LLC: QSC is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional power amplifiers, loudspeaker systems, and advanced audio products tailored for the cinema, contracting, live sound and music industries.  QSC is the leader of complete cinema audio technology under one brand. After nearly four decades, QSC Audio Products, LLC, has become a globally recognized leader in professional audio. This prominence is the result of the company's mission to establish new standards of reliability and performance through the development of breakthrough technologies. QSC's products meet the demanding requirements of audio professionals in concert, installation, portable entertainment and cinema applications. QSC Audio Products, LLC Directory page QSC Audio Products, LLC Web Site
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