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Digital Cinema Technology Dec. 01, 2015
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Belgium—May 31, 2012

Elmo Movieworld Performs Live Test with Direct KDM Generation

ELMO Movieworld in Austria has successfully conducted a live test to send DCP and KDM instructions directly from its Theatrical Distribution System. In the new set-up, ELMO uses a platform called DCinemaHub, a new initiative in the field of DCP and KDM management, which has a direct link with ELMO’s booking software MACCS. 

Metropol Multiplex in Innsbruck was the first exhibitor to receive a KDM generated by DCinemaHub to unlock ‘’Marley” for a live audience. The DCP was delivered by Bewegte Bilder based on an instruction that was also sent directly from ELMO’s booking software through DCinemaHub.
According to Managing Partner Ferdinand Morawetz at ELMO, the new set-up is a major improvement in ELMO’s business processes. “Earlier we used to manually create Excel sheets with DCP and KDM instructions and send them off to different third parties depending on the delivery preferences of the exhibitor. It’s easy to imagine that this manual process takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. 

With DCinemaHub this manual process becomes obsolete because all DCP and KDM instructions are now being delivered directly from our Theatrical Distribution System. Obviously this saves us a lot of time but it also means that the number of errors is being reduced, virtually eliminating the risk of black screens for our exhibitors. Both arguments make this a major step forward for us…”
DCinemaHub is initiated by MACCS International and dcinex™ – the new brand for XDC, FTT and Bewegte Bilder - to create a universal platform for the distribution of Digital Cinema. With MACCS being the market leader in distribution accounting and dcinex™ in processing and delivering digital content, aim to shorten the communication lines between distributors and exhibitors in regard to the fulfillment of Digital Cinema.

Although partner MACCS International is the provider of one of the most widely used Theatrical Distribution Systems in the business, DCinemaHub claims to be system independent in the sense that it can also connect to any other TDS.
Next to generating KDM’s, DCinemaHub will expand its service offering with full DCP handling, including the delivery of files through internet, satellite and hard disk. Furthermore DCinemaHub plans to provide an online booking platform where exhibitors can order alternative content and back-catalogued titles from the distributors that are connected to DCinemaHub. This online ordering platform is expected to be introduced later this year.
dcinex™ Contacts:
Jean-Marie DURA
Managing Director Ymagis Group
Tel : +33 (0) 1 79 97 78 67
Email :
dcinex Web Site:
About dcinex™:
As part of Ymagis Group, dcinex is a leading provider of Digital Cinema services in Europe including VPF management, postproduction, DCP mastering, KDM delivery, digital cinema installation, maintenance and technical support. The Ymagis Group has deployed digital systems in cinemas under VPF representing close to 5,800 screens throughout Europe with both exhibition circuits and art house independent cinemas. Since 2014, the Ymagis Group operates, through its subsidiary Smartjog Ymagis Logistics, the largest e-delivery network for cinema content in Europe, using both, satellite capacity and ADSL/fibre lines, as well as a number of HDD’s duplication hubs. The Ymagis Group has also become a software house, providing innovative solutions such as a theatre management system (TMS) and a full electrical automation system.
dcinex™ Directory page dcinex™ Web Site About MACCS International bv:
MACCS International is the largest developer of theatrical distribution software for the global motion picture industry. MACCS International’s leading technology is used by over 100 distributors to distribute films in 38 territories across the world including smaller independent distributors and major studios.  The MACCS software portfolio includes an integrated resource planning system: MaccsBox & DCinemaHub, a clearing house that automates content ordering, delivery reporting, gross box office, eBOR and invoicing; Rights and Royalties and Prints and Advertising.   A company of Vista Group International (NZX: VGL, ASX: VGI), MACCS International’s operations include Los Angeles, The Netherlands, Germany, and Australia. 
MACCS International bv Directory page About ELMO Movieworld: ELMO Movieworld is an international partnership of film professionals in film distribution and film production. In addition to the independent theatrical distribution of films, ELMO Movieworld actively seeks acquisitions of all film-exploitation rights for the German-speaking territories Austria, Germany, German-speaking Italy (Alto Adige), and German-speaking Switzerland
ELMO Movieworld Directory page
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