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Digital Cinema Technology Oct. 23, 2016
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San Luis Obispo, CA—Jun 14, 2012

USL, Inc., Announces the LSS-100 Projection and Audio Analyzer

USL, Inc. is pleased to announce its latest innovation, the LSS-100 Projection and Audio Analyzer which will be formally introduced on June 18 at CineEurope2012.  The LSS-100 allows theater owners to continuously monitor on-screen technical performance to ensure the highest presentation quality.
This small compact unit can be easily installed and continuously measures screen luminance, color accuracy and sound levels to maintain the best possible experience for the audience.  The wall-mounted LSS-100 includes a microphone that measures the sound pressure level (SPL) from loudspeakers as it simultaneously monitors the quality of light reflected from the theater screen.  In addition, the LSS-100 is a fully networked unit, making it possible for theater owners to monitor auditoriums continuously from a Network Operation Center (NOC) anywhere in the world.
“We decided to build on the success of our PSA light and PCA color meters to create an automated way to ensure excellent picture quality,” said Jack Cashin, USL’s founder, president and chief technical designer.  “Taking it one step beyond our competitors, we added the ability to measure SPL at the same time.  The LSS-100 is fully networked, providing instantaneous monitoring of luminance, chromaticity, and SPL data,” Cashin added.
A major cinema circuit has installed USL LSS-100 units in many auditoriums, and was delighted with the quality, stability and overall performance.
“USL will formally introduce the new LSS-100 on June 18 at CineEurope2012,” Cashin announced.  “We are excited to demonstrate our latest innovation that allows exhibitors to understand how each auditorium is performing on a global level with projection and sound,” added Cashin.

USL Contacts: Sales:
Tom Atkison
(805) 549-0161
Logo: USL, inc. About USL, inc.: USL, Inc. has over thirty years of experience in leading edge technology and has received two Academy Technical Achievement Awards.   Our equipment is in cinemas all over the world.  Our products include Cinema Audio Processors, Projector Media Blocks, HDMI Switches, Assistive Listening Devices, Closed Captioning Devices, and test instruments like the LSS-100 Quality Control Probe and the PCA-100 Color Meter. USL, inc. Directory page USL, inc. Web Site
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