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Digital Cinema Technology Oct. 25, 2014
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Burbank CA—May 23, 2013

Cine Colombia Amplifies its Digital Rollout with 124 New Doremi Server Installations

Plans to be 100% digital by June 2013
Cine Colombia, Colombia's leading exhibitor is continuing its digital cinema rollout with the addition of 124 Doremi ShowVaults and Integrated Media Blocks (IMBs).  The Doremi IMB is the number one integrated media block solution with over 15,000 installations globally as part of a larger deployment of 50,000 units.
Established in 1927, Cine Colombia manages 36 state-of-the-art cinema complexes and 236 screens in ten (10) Colombian cities, offering more than 47,000 seats to audiences of 18 million annually. The company is well on track to becoming 100% digital by June 2013. 
The IMB (Integrated Media Block) utilizes Doremi’s patented 4K media block technology. With the IMB installed in a DLP Series-II 4K-ready projector along with Doremi’s external ShowVault, theater owners have a proven lasting digital cinema solution in the industry. In addition to 4K and HFR capabilities, the IMB features HDMI® or HDSDI (single or dual) inputs. It easily scales all video resolutions to 2048 x 1080 or 4096 x 2160 and provides de-interlacing support (1080i) and automatic color space conversions.
As Cine Colombia has managed the challenges of digital conversion, partnership with Doremi has proved to be a key advantage. "Our exhibit partners have learned to manage the cost and technical challenges of cinema evolution by trusting the expertise we offer and the track record we have established around the world." said Michael Archer, Vice President Digital Cinema, Doremi Labs. “Our intention is to deploy both efficiency and future-proof technology to South America. Our relationship with Cine Colombia is a prime example.” 
"Our partnership with Doremi was a result of their unparalleled customer service, product reliability and a flexible feature set." said Munir Falah, CEO of Cine Colombia. "As a pioneer in the digital cinema industry, Doremi understands and meets the needs of the modern exhibitor with the industry's best product offerings; which has played a key role in positioning Doremi as the global market leader."
Doremi Contacts: Doremi USA:
Tel: +1 818 562 1101
Fax: +1 818 562 1109

Doremi Japan:
Tel: 044-966-4855
Fax: 044-966-4856

Doremi Europe:
Tel: +33 492 954 280
Fax: +33 492 954 281

Press Contact:
Hany Adeeb
Tel: +1 818 562 1101
About Doremi: Established in 1985, Doremi Labs has been a pioneer of technological advancement with the attainment of its 4K-technology patent, active involvement in High Frame Rate content delivery and DCI certified product line. Doremi’s install base of digital cinema playback servers has exceeded 50,000 units globally and remains the most installed server in digital cinema history to date. Product lines include digital cinema playback servers, Integrated Media Blocks (IMB) and Integrated Media Servers, post production and mastering solutions and digital cinema accessibility products for the visually impaired and hearing impaired. 

Doremi maintains its world headquarters and production facilities in Burbank (USA), European headquarters and R&D in Sophia-Antipolis (France), an office in Tokyo (Japan) to service the rapidly expanding Asian digital cinema marketplace, and two R&D entities out of Canada and EMEA (Europe, The Middle East, Africa).
Doremi Directory page Doremi Web Site About Cine Colombia S.A.: Founded in 1927, Cine Colombia maintains 37 state-of-the-art cinema complexes and 248 screens in ten Colombian cities. Cine Colombia is the largest entertainment company in Colombia and has recently finalized deals for an additional 100 screens giving them close to 50% of the market share. Cine Colombia also has several large format screens called Mega Sala Cineco. These theaters have a 40% larger screen size than normal theaters and are equipped with Barco’s Auro 11.1 surround sound system. Their high standards of service and innovation have been part of the reason for its undisputed place as the number one market share leader in Colombia, despite the presence of numerous players and foreign movie chains in the Colombian market. The company's commitment to technological development was evident when it became the first movie company in Colombia to implement a digital projector in 2007 and continuing in this philosophy with 4D to further enhance the audiences experience which proves that the company’s commitment to audience satisfaction is key to their success, thus making them entertainment leaders. Cine Colombia is also the only theater company in Colombia that is strong in film distribution representing Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros. and most Latin American consortiums. Cine Colombia S.A. Directory page
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