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Digital Cinema Technology Aug. 22, 2017
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Austria—Oct 12, 2011

In-Vision Introduces New Generation of 4K Digital Cinema Lenses

In addition to the most successful 1,2” 2k lenses In-Vision has designed an new 4k DCine Visionar Cinema Lens Range.   In compliance with the guidelines of the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) for Digital Cinema projection equipment, the projection lenses provide outstanding performance and superb image quality for use in 2k and 4k DLP Cinema® Projectors offered by companies such as Barco, Belgium , NEC, Japan Christie, Canada. 
All lenses fully comply with the DLP Cinema® Projection Lens specification (defined by Texas Instruments as owner of the DLP® technology) and even noticeably exceed all critical imaging quality parameters, like image contrast, sharpness, distortion or color offset. Most importantly the lenses are first of their kind providing such extensive zoom ranges and 56% Off-axis shift range while maintaining image quality on the same excellent level. These features enable extremely flexible use of the projector equipment in a broad range of local space configurations. The excellent performance and superb transmission of all projection lenses of the D-CINE VISIONAR Zoom Lens series is resulting in extraordinary crisp and bright images on the screen, making DLP Cinema® a real cineaste experience.
Specifications :

D-Cine-Visionar Long Throw Zoom Lens series UNIQUE FEATURES:
Designed for true 2k and 4k DLP Cinema® projection systems. Vertical shift capability of 56 %,(i.e. optical axis of lens hits projection screen at the bottom of the projected image). This exceeds the nominal shift range in the DLP Cinema® Lens specification and any other lens vendor for DLP Cinema® projection lenses by almost a factor of two. Restrictions on projector positioning are significantly reduced. Full DLP Cinema® certification by Texas Instruments.
  • Lens Type: Strictly telecentric telephoto zoom lenses 
  • DLP Display Size: 2048 x 1080 pixels (13,68 micron pitch) and 4.096 x 2160 pixles ( 7,56 micron pitch) 
  • Throw Distance: ranging from 8 m to 45 m projection distance 
  • Lens Aperture: Telecentric f#/2.5 nominal 
  • Object field size: 40.7 mm 
  • Distortion: geometric < 1.0 % within object field 
  • MTF in production: 
  • MTF > 70% (Center) and > 50% (Corner) at 36 lp/mm 
  • MTF > 45% (Center) and > 20% (Corner) at 72 lp/mm 
  • Lateral Color Error: 
  • < 0.25 px Red-Green, < 0.50 px Blue-Green within 14 mm radial field 
  • < 0.50 px Red-Green, < 0.75 px Blue-Green within 20 mm radial field   
  • The new Lens series will be a :  0,9-1,15 / 1,35-1,86:1 /  1,46-2,10:1  /  1,65-2,60:1  Lens
Underlying technology that is used or was developed to make this entry viable for use in motion picture production:    
Development of the D-CINE VISIONAR Long Throw Zoom Lens series has been executed with the proprietary Optical Design Software and Optimization Package, developed and owned by In-Vision. Special software features exhibit maximum dedication on image performance features such as MTF contrast, distortion as well as axial and lateral color shift. Special attention was given to integrate \"green\" glass types to comply with RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances), i.e. toxic substances. This restriction led to significant challenges especially in using high refractive glass due to their lower transmission in the blue spectral range compared with non-RoHS glasses. Special anti-reflection coatings have been developed to enhance blue transmission and to balance the overall spectral performance of the projection lenses. 
Also some of the high-refractive index RoHS-compliant glass types tend to staining under normal room conditions. Special protective coatings have been developed and applied to the critical lenses, hermetically sealing the lens elements over lifetime of the equipment. Zoom lenses contain moving elements. In the special case of the D-CINE VISIONAR Long Throw Zoom Lens series up to 4 independently moving elements support the extraordinary long zoom ranges, while maintain image performance at every combination of magnification and projection distance. 
Innovative concepts in the mechanical engineering for guiding the moving elements have been developed and implemented to enable smooth moving without jolt.  Methods have been developed to test at subassembly level and to predict performance of each subassembly in the final product. This enables identification of critical deviations and definition of corrective actions already during very early stages of the lens assembly. The result of this process is a massive enhancement in error-free production output. 

Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI, was established in March, 2002, and is a joint venture of Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros. Studios. DCI\'s primary purpose is to establish and document voluntary specifications for an open architecture for digital cinema that ensures a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability and quality control. 
Celluloid film has been used to screen movies for more than 100 years. Nowadays, the movie industry is at the transition from film to digital. Since 1999 Texas Instruments\' DLP Cinema® microdisplay technology ( is used by several major digital projector manufacturers (Barco, Christie Digital Systems, NEC) to develop projectors, delivering clear, sharp, bright and accurate images to movie theatres around the world. Since then the total number of installed DLP Cinema® projectors grew to nearly 5,000 today, with theatres located in 35 countries around the world. 
In order to maintain consistently high standards and quality levels according to requirements proposed by DCI, Texas Instruments has established very strong thresholds and requirements on partners developing DLP Cinema® compliant projectors and projection lenses.

About In-Vision – Digital Imaging GmbH: Founded 2000,  In-Vision is emphasizing their position as market leader in design and manufacturing of high end precision optical assemblies and systems. Relying on the highly experienced and knowledgeable design and engineering team combined with sophisticated manufacturing capabilities in optics and precision mechanics as well thin-film coating, In-Vision supplies products for a wide range of imaging and projection applications, designed to customer specification and manufactured and qualified with internal resources. In-Vision – Digital Imaging GmbH Directory page
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