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Digital Cinema Technology Aug. 21, 2017
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Kortrijk, Belgium,—Nov 9, 2011

The Giant Screen at Millennium Point, Uk, Benefits from Barco’s Large-Format Projection Technology

Digital cinema pioneer Barco is pleased to announce that digital 3D cinema company D3D Cinema has installed Barco's large-format projection system at The Giant Screen at Millennium Point, Birmingham, UK. The installation – set up with two Barco Enhanced 4K DLP Cinema® projectors – was part of a larger refurbishment to transform Millennium Point's existing IMAX theater into an independent giant screen cinema.

The VIP opening event featured a screening of The Adventures of Tintin in 3D.The Giant Screen at Millennium Point reopened its doors on Monday, 24 October, with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin in 3D. After transforming from IMAX to digital, the cinema at Millennium Point is now the UK's largest independent giant screen digital 3D cinema. Outfitted with twin state-of-the-art Barco 4K digital projectors and Dolby Digital 3D technology, the new system allows Millennium Point to show a wider selection of 2D and 3D feature films and documentaries – plus, a wider range of content, including live screenings of music and sports events 

Karen Steed, Acting CEO of Millennium Point, says: “This is a very exciting time for the cinema at Millennium Point. The landscape of filmmaking and cinema is evolving at an enormous rate, and in order to succeed in the current climate, we have gone digital. To replace our IMAX installation, we undertook a rigorous tendering process with companies worldwide to find a suitable system. Barco's DP4K-32B digital cinema projector was the only one that could offer us the image quality and brightness required by our giant screen.” 

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Barco for the installation at Millennium Point,” comments D3D President and Founder Don Kempf. “Previously, exhibitors were limited to only one technology for projecting giant screen movies. Now, thanks to this refurbishment with Barco's DP4K-32B projectors, Millennium Point is ready for the future and now has access to a wealth of available content, in 2D as well as in 3D, guaranteed to enchant audiences with superior digital image quality.” 

“Since its opening in 2001, Millennium Point has been a center of excellence in terms of science and technology,” says Tim Sinnaeve, Market Director Digital Cinema for Barco. “We fervently support its progressive decision to go forward as a digital giant screen cinema and are proud of yet another successful project with D3D. It is fantastic news that our premium dual 4K DLP projection system gives Millennium Point Cinema the chance to offer its fans an even better giant screen cinema experience.” 

Barco's DP2K and DP4K projectors represent the most complete projector family available today – with models for every screen size and budget. Barco's Enhanced 4K DLP Cinema® projectors combine the widely acclaimed benefits of the DP2K series – including best-in-class light efficiency, lowest cost of ownership, and easy serviceability – with advances in software, diagnostics and patented cooling technology, resulting in the coolest 4K engine in all senses of the word. 

About Millennium Point 
Millennium Point opened on time and within budget on 29 September 2001. It is England's largest landmark Millennium Project outside London and, since opening, has welcomed more than 1 million people through its doors each year. 

Barco Contacts:

Stephanie Vlegels

Stephanie Vlegels
Press and PR contact EMEA
Barco nv
Telephone +32 56 36 81 66

Tyler West Tyler West
Corporate Marketing Director, North America
Barco nv
Telephone +1 678-512-6107

Vickie Yueh Vickie Yueh
Press and PR contact APAC and GRC
Barco nv
Telephone +886 2 8771 0228

Logo: Barco Digital Cinema About Barco Digital Cinema: Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops networked visualization products for the Entertainment, Enterprise and Healthcare markets. Barco has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and APAC. Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) is active in more than 90 countries with 3,300 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 1.029 billion euro in 2015. 

Barco is one of three licencees of Texas Instruments DLP Cinema™ technology. TI developed DLP Cinema™ technology working in close cooperation with Barco and others in the movie industry, to develop Cinema Projector and support systems based on DMD™ technology, to meet the requirement of studios, film distributors and exhibitors alike.
Barco Digital Cinema Directory page Barco Digital Cinema Web Site About D3D Cinema: D3D Cinema offers complete digital 3D cinema solutions and services to museum and attraction industry clients worldwide, providing a unique partnership approach to cinema design and 3D content production. Comprised of institutional theater specialists, D3D excels in bringing first-to-market immersive cinema technologies to its clients, offering technology-agnostic consultation, strategic planning, installation, content production & distribution, operational support, and ongoing service. D3D is headquartered in Evanston, IL with offices in the greater Philadelphia and New York areas, and Ottawa, Canada. D3D Cinema Directory page
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