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Digital Cinema Technology Aug. 03, 2015
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Las Vegas, NV.—Apr 1, 2005


QSC feeds an industry event's audio system hungry for sound stardom
QSC introduced their new 3-way DCS Digital Cinema Speaker systems at ShoWest 2005, the annual industry event where stars, producers, and directors gather to pitch new films to theatrical exhibitors. Increased booth space was needed to show off all of QSC's DCS line, including four prototype surrounds due to be released in the fall. Live demonstrations of the platform, QSC's next generation of networked digital audio systems, were given throughout the show. "The platform provides the perfect solution for D-Cinema applications," states Francois Godfrey, QSC's Cinema Market Manager.

Cinema speakers weren't the only QSC products at ShoWest. Along with the DCS systems, over 80 amplifiers from QSC's DCA Series of digital cinema products were chosen to power multiple audio systems used for the show. Installed by Boston Light & Sound within the Paris Hotel's Paris Ballroom, the QSC-fed cinema system was designed to provide sound reinforcement for audiences of up to 8,520. The system consisted of 12 DCA 1622s, 28 DCA 2422s, and 42 DCA 3422s. The amplifiers joined forces to bring a total of 150,000 watts to the project.

Audio distribution throughout the ballroom was provided by QSC's RAVE (Routing Audio Via Ethernet) network. Ten RAVE 160s-24 and 10 RAVE 161s-24 units are each capable of sending 64 channels of uncompressed 24-bit, 48 kHz digital audio through a single Cat-5 cable. Linked by an assortment of Ethernet hubs and switches utilizing both fiber optic and Cat-5 cabling, the 128 RAVE channels dedicated to the ShoWest distribution scheme eliminated the need for lengthy multi-cable runs, while cutting installation time and labor.

Larger than a football field at roughly 380 feet by 225 feet, the Paris Ballroom has a ceiling height ranging from 30 to 34 feet. That translates into 85,000 square feet (or 2.7 million cubic feet), making the need for serious amplifier power all the more apparent.

Along with the Paris Ballroom, QSC gear is also used in both the Les Theatre des Arte and Jubilee rooms. The Theatre room boasts 10 DCA 3022s and 21 DCA 3422s, while the Jubilee room boasts 15 DCA 2422s.

Seven models comprise the DCA Series line of digital cinema products. Offered in configurations ranging from 375 to 1250 watts per channel at four ohms, the amplifiers are each equipped with QSC's switching power supply technology to reliably provide extended bass response and pristine highs. Other features shared among the seven models include individually selectable clip limiters and subsonic filters, as well as facilities for stereo, parallel, and bridged mono operation.
QSC Contacts: Danny Pickett, 
Director, Global Cinema Sales
Cinema Marketing Manager, 
About QSC Audio Products, LLC: QSC is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional power amplifiers, loudspeaker systems, and advanced audio products tailored for the cinema, contracting, live sound and music industries.  QSC is the leader of complete cinema audio technology under one brand. After nearly four decades, QSC Audio Products, LLC, has become a globally recognized leader in professional audio. This prominence is the result of the company's mission to establish new standards of reliability and performance through the development of breakthrough technologies. QSC's products meet the demanding requirements of audio professionals in concert, installation, portable entertainment and cinema applications. QSC Audio Products, LLC Directory page QSC Audio Products, LLC Web Site
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