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Digital Cinema Technology Nov. 26, 2015
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Liège-Angleur—May 5, 2008

XDC Official Digital Cinema Partner for Cannes Film Festival

As the Official Partner for Cannes Film Festival, XDC is providing all of the necessary equipment, as well as its know-how, to support, under the technical supervision of the French CST, all the digital screenings including the parallel sections during the May competition.

This is the third consecutive year that XDC is providing to the Cannes Film Festival all the necessary equipment. More specifically, 18 auditoriums will use the digital technology. 10 auditoriums will be equipped with 2K DLP Cinema® projectors and JPEG2000 servers, and 8 auditoriums will be equipped with HD DLP standard projectors.

XDC will implement in all the auditoriums its new CineStore Solo G3 server as well as some Doremi DCP-2000 servers. XDC has selected Christie as the exclusive Official Supplier of the digital projectors.

“We thank the Festival organization for renewing its trust in XDC, in order to support, under the technical supervision of the Festival, all the digital screenings including the parallel sections during the May competition. 84 digital projections were performed last year. We expect to increase that number this year,” pointed out Alain Remond, General Manager of XDC France.

From the creation of Cannes Film Festival, the CST, representative organization of the cinema professionals, is responsible for the technical supervision of the projections performed during the Festival. Constantly looking for the latest updates in the field of digital image and sound technologies, the CST is implementing innovative digital projection systems during the Festival, in collaboration with expert technical partners.  Moreover, each year in Cannes, the CST is developing and testing new technologies and high end control tools, in order to validate its current research works in the field of digital cinema,” added Laurent Hebert, Executive Director of the CST.

As Official Partner of the Festival and the Film Market, XDC gives the opportunity to producers, filmmakers and distributors to get a digital copy of their films selected at the Festival for a flat fee amount financially affordable. This service includes conformation of the source material, encoding, encryption and quality controls.

Bernard Collard, EVP – General Manager of XDC International: “This 61st edition will be again a showcase demonstrating the best of the digital cinema technology. This exciting commitment gives XDC the opportunity to exemplify themselves as a deploying entity aiming at a large-scale digital cinema roll-out. As the leading digital cinema company in Europe, the pan-European roll-out target for XDC is 8,000 digital screens within the next 5 years.”

Digital projection equipment

Film Festival: 7 Christie 2K DLP Cinema® projectors will be installed in the following auditoriums: Lumière, Debussy, Bazin, Buñuel, 60th Anniversary Theatre and the Beach Cinema.

Film Market : 2 Christie 2K DLP Cinema® projectors will be installed in Bory auditorium (which will also be used for 3D projections) et auditorium J while 8 Christie high definition DLP Standard projectors will equip the other HD video rooms.

To be highlighted this year: one 2K digital control room will be installed in the Palais des Festivals in order to check the digital copies.

dcinex™ Contacts:
Jean-Marie DURA
Managing Director Ymagis Group
Tel : +33 (0) 1 79 97 78 67
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About dcinex™:
As part of Ymagis Group, dcinex is a leading provider of Digital Cinema services in Europe including VPF management, postproduction, DCP mastering, KDM delivery, digital cinema installation, maintenance and technical support. The Ymagis Group has deployed digital systems in cinemas under VPF representing close to 5,800 screens throughout Europe with both exhibition circuits and art house independent cinemas. Since 2014, the Ymagis Group operates, through its subsidiary Smartjog Ymagis Logistics, the largest e-delivery network for cinema content in Europe, using both, satellite capacity and ADSL/fibre lines, as well as a number of HDD’s duplication hubs. The Ymagis Group has also become a software house, providing innovative solutions such as a theatre management system (TMS) and a full electrical automation system.
dcinex™ Directory page dcinex™ Web Site About Commission Supérieure Technique de l’Image et du Son: The CST is an organization made of cinema professionals, audiovisual and multimedia engineers as well as artistic technical experts. They are responsible for taking care of the quality of the production and distribution workflow of images and sounds, either aimed for the cinema, the television or any other media. Global organization constantly looking for the latest technological updates about cinema and audiovisual industry, the CST carries out, under the control of the CNC, numerous services. Commission Supérieure Technique de l’Image et du Son Directory page
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