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Digital Cinema Technology May. 30, 2016
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ShowEast 2009—Oct 26, 2009

NEC Display Solutions Announces Three New Digital Cinema Projectors, Giving Exhibitors Competitive Advantage

Bright Digital Cinema Projector Series Provides Ease of Use, Simple Maintenance, Turnkey Solution
NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD displays and projectors, announced today three new digital cinema projectors, providing three brightness level options to match screen sizes up to 105 feet wide. These affordable models build on NEC’s strength and reliability in digital cinema, and give more options to theater owners looking to upgrade cinema projector capabilities to digital.

The new projectors can be seen in Suite K at ShowEast 2009, the motion picture theater industry convention held October 27-29 at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Fla.

The Digital Cinema Projector Series models meet DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) requirements, so exhibitors are prepared to capitalize on current opportunities, as well as position themselves for future growth. The new, optional NEC internal MediaBlock and discreet NEC Local Storage Server provide a complete and compelling industry solution for showing digital movies and deliver many benefits.

For example, the MediaBlock can be built into the projector as another integrated option available to exhibitors. NEC simplifies the connection and delivers control of the MediaBlock from the projector. A cinema ad can be directly integrated into the NEC MediaBlock/Server solution.

In addition, NEC offers easy maintenance to minimize downtime through a single maintenance window for both projectors and the MediaBlock/Local Storage Server. The solution is able to self-diagnose for easy, timely trouble-shooting. NEC also has created higher strict security and eliminated any potential trouble caused by the interface between the projector and existing screen server (sub-titles/communication problem).

Alternatively, the Digital Cinema Projector Series works with existing cinema servers via a legacy board.
"As exhibitors upgrade to digital cinema, they demand high brightness and great customer care. With NEC’s 24/7/365 support, these models really meet their needs," said Jim Reisteter, General Manager, Digital Cinema Division, NEC Display Solutions. "NEC gives theater owners everything they require to complete their digital cinema installations – from financing to model variety. These new NEC projectors stand apart from their competitors for their reliability, elegance and ease-of-use, and together offer the flexibility needed to suit all screen sizes."

The new projectors include the NC1200C at 9,000 lumens of brightness for screen sizes of up to 46 feet wide, the NC2000C at 17,000 lumens for screens up to 65 feet wide, and the ultra-bright NC3200S at 31,000 lumens for screens up to 105 feet wide. The advanced DLP Cinema® light engine provides contrast ratios up to 2200:1, which enable better reproduction of detail in dark scenes.

Sophisticated dual-airflow design minimizes dust, and segregates the bulb from other internal components for better long-term serviceability and reliability. NEC is the only projector manufacturer to provide this state-of-the-art dual-airflow design for protection from dust and oil contaminants. The lamp-cooling airflow is separated from the chassis-cooling air flow, which prevents drawing in dust and oil from enclosure panel gaps. Only the lamp has a blower fan.

In addition, all three models are engineered for long-term use, with simplified lamp and parts replacement. These NEC projectors include new Texas Instruments Series 2 electronics and are designed for easy maintenance to minimize downtime, including quicker replacement of parts experiencing trouble, and easy, timely trouble-shooting by self-diagnosis. The projectors are highly reliable, performing admirably in harsh operating environments found in projector booths/rooms/theaters.

Moreover, operator convenience is enhanced and improved with the new NEC digital cinema projectors. A new cosmetic design, fresh keypad layout, and new user software design mean fast set-up and simple fine-tuning, making it easy for any projectionist to operate. A soft-edged cabinet design and brilliant colors enhance the overall operation of the models.

The features translate into a number of exhibitor benefits, including lower overall maintenance costs, reduced filter usage, and lower consumable and operating costs.

Combining advanced DLP Cinema projectors with reliable multiplex and screen servers, NEC's Digital Cinema Projector Series offers the most comprehensive digital cinema solution on the market today. These models enable theaters to deliver stunning digital images regardless of screen size, while simplifying theater management and reducing costs.

“These new digital cinema projectors are part of a complete family of offerings addressing every need that will include 4K technology in the future,” Reisteter said.

The NC1200C, NC2000C and NC3200S will be available in early 2010. For more information about NEC's digital cinema projectors, please visit

To learn more about financing options, please visit, or contact
NEC Digital Cinema Contacts: North America and South America
NEC Display Solutions of America 
Phone: 630-467-3000 

Sales: Jim Reisteter 
General Manager, Digital Cinema Division 
Phone: 818-557-2500 

Marketing: Danielle Moore
Channel Marketing Manager
Phone: 630-467-3309

Public Relations: Shelby Eversole
Digital Marketing Specialist
Phone: 630-467-4367

Europe, Middle East, Africa
NEC Display Solutions Europe Gmbh 
Phone: 49(0)89-99 6990 

Public Relations: Ann Kjellser 
PR Manager EMEA 
Phone: 46 72 162 8719 

Sales: Mark Kendall 
Senior Manager, Digital Cinema 
Phone: 44 118 969-1352 

Marketing: Gerd Kaiser 
Product line manager, Large Venue Projectors 
Phone: 49(0)89 99 699-623 

NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. 
Phone : 0120-610-161 (Customer Support Center) 
      *9:00-18:00 except Saturday/Sunday/National holidays 

NEC Solutions (China) Co., Ltd. 
Phone  +86-10-5934-2885 

Australia, New Zealand
NEC Australia Pty Ltd 
Phone: +61 3 9262 1111 

Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Kambodia, Brunei
Goldenduck Group 
Phone:  +66 2887 8807 

Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan
Strong Westrex, Inc. 
Phone: +852 2827 8289 

India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal
Real Image Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
Phone: +91 44 42041505 

South Korea
Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. 
Phone: +82 2 2102 8591 

*Web Site of NEC DLP Cinema Projectors 
About NEC Digital Cinema: Combining advanced DLP Cinema® projectors with reliable multiplex and screen servers, NEC Display Solutions’ Digital Cinema Projector Series offers the most comprehensive digital cinema solution on the market today. These 3D-capable models enable theaters to deliver stunning digital images regardless of screen size, while simplifying theater management and reducing costs. All of NEC's digital cinema projectors meet DCI specifications for performance and reliability, meeting the requirements of today’s cinema industry. NEC also offers full digital signage solutions, highlighted by its award-winning 32”-98” LCD displays, multimedia projectors and desktop monitors for lobbies, concessions and concourses. NEC Digital Cinema Directory page NEC Digital Cinema Web Site
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