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Digital Cinema Technology Dec. 18, 2014
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Liege, Belgium—Feb 17, 2010

Jogchem’s Theaters B.V. and XDC Agree To Deploy 60 Digital Screens in The Netherlands

Jogchem’s Theaters B.V. (in the market known as JT Bioscopen), one of the leading exhibitors in The Netherlands, and XDC, the n°1 digital cinema service company in Europe, have agreed on the deployment of digital cinema systems in all of JT’s screens in The Netherlands.
The agreement between JT Bioscopen and XDC includes the roll out of DCI-compliant projection systems co-financed by the Virtual Print Fee (VPF) model. Roll out is scheduled to begin in H1 2010.
Mr. J.M. Punt, President of JT Bioscopen stated Over the last 3 years we have tested and learned how to use digital cinema in a professional way, now we are ready for the next step. JT Bioscopen is going for 100% digital screens including a majority of high quality 3D double projection systems. XDC seems clearly to be the appropriated partner for this ambitious plan”.
Serge Plasch, XDC’s Chief Executive Officer said:”We are very happy to start our digital VPF roll out in The Netherlands with a major partner like  JT Bioscopen because it gives us an immediate significant platform with 13 complexes spread around the whole country. We have been servicing a few Digital screens for JT Bioscopen for more than 2 years and now we are very proud to have reached an agreement to convert the entire network’’.
Under the terms of the agreement with XDC, JT Bioscopen will exclusively install Series 2 DCI-compliant digital projection systems. JT Bioscopen will also implement a fully integrated and networked solution in each complex, thanks to XDC’s advanced Theatre Management System and Central Library, the XDC’s CineStore® Plaza. A content delivery network will also be implemented by XDC in order to allow distributors to deliver films directly by satellite and/or broadband connection to the cinemas, as well as to give the opportunity to JT Bioscopen to perform live 2D and 3D transmissions.
All the systems will be connected to the XDC’s NOC (Network Operations Centre) which will perform the hotline support and the preventative remote maintenance. Thanks to the sophisticated XDC’s CineStore Data web-based application, the frontline support (with the possibility to have a full remote monitoring of the digital systems) will be directly managed by FTT Filmtronics technical staff. FTT Filmtronics, who has already performed all the site surveys, will also take care of all installations including several 3D double projection systems.
dcinex™ Contacts:
Ymagis S.A.S 
106 rue la Boëtie
75008 Paris – France
Tel: +33 175 448 888
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10553 Berlin, Deutschland
Tel. +49 30 21018431

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About dcinex™:
As part of Ymagis Group, Ymagis is a leading provider of Digital Cinema services in Europe including VPF management, postproduction, DCP mastering, KDM delivery, digital cinema installation, maintenance and technical support. The Ymagis Group has deployed digital systems in cinemas under VPF representing close to 5,800 screens throughout Europe with both exhibition circuits and art house independent cinemas. Since 2014, the Ymagis Group operates, through its subsidiary Smartjog Ymagis Logistics, the largest e-delivery network for cinema content in Europe, using both, satellite capacity and ADSL/fibre lines, as well as a number of HDD’s duplication hubs. The Ymagis Group has also become a software house, providing innovative solutions such as a theatre management system (TMS) and a full electrical automation system.
dcinex™ Directory page dcinex™ Web Site About Jogchem's Theaters BV: Jogchem’s Theaters B.V. is officially founded in 1932 by Jan Jogchem. Nowadays Jogchem’s Theaters B.V. (known as JT Bioscopen) is owned by Mr. J.M. Punt of Bioscoopexploitatie J.M. Punt Beheer B.V. JT Bioscopen has 13 cinemas in 11 midsize cities throughout The Netherlands with a total of 60 screens and more than 10.000 seats. Jogchem's Theaters BV Directory page
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