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Digital Cinema Technology Nov. 26, 2015
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Düsseldorf—Apr 21, 2011

FTT and XDC to Implement Digital Rollout for FSF Cinemas

The German-based cinema group and XDC signed a preliminary agreement to convert the FSF screens into digital under XDC’s VPF funding scheme. The installations will be carried out by Film Ton Technik in Düsseldorf.
Under the terms of the agreement which was signed during German KINO 2011 tradeshow in Baden-Baden last week, FSF will equip their theatres Düsseldorf, Recklinghausen and Stuttgart with state-of-the-art 2k DLP digital cinema systems. Installations for the first screens will already start in May this year. The remaining ones are to be completed by the end of 2011.
The FSF group operates the 3 UFA cinemas in Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dresden as well as Cineworld Recklinghausen. The FSF operating company emerged from the UFA cinema group and is currently managed by the Riech family.
“The decision for XDC’s VPF was well considered,” said Marianne Riech,General Manager of FSF GmbH. According to her statement UFA believes in digital cinema as one keystone for running a successful cinema business. “XDC‘s VPF model is the most convenient one for our special purpose,” she added.
Thomas Rüttgers, General Manager of FTT, welcomed this decision: “We have known each other for years as we are both Düsseldorf-based companies with a longstanding family tradition. Therefore, we are happy to assist UFA with taking their next step into the future.”
However, not only FTT but also XDC has a common track record with UFA as Serge Plasch, XDC’s CEO, remembered: “When XDC started its first deployments in Germany several years ago, UFA cinemas were among those pioneers that tested digital cinema equipment and we are proud to be awarded with carrying out this important transition for them.”
All screens will be equipped with Barco Series 2 DCI-compliant digital projectors and Doremi servers. The systems will be connected to XDC’s NOC (Network Operations Centre) which will perform the hotline support and the preventive remote maintenance. Thanks to the XDC’s CineStore Data web-based application, the front-line support, with the possibility to have a full remote monitoring of the digital systems will be directly managed by FTT who will also take care of the installations and maintenance supported by XDC’s NOC services.
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Jean-Marie DURA
Managing Director Ymagis Group
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About dcinex™:
As part of Ymagis Group, dcinex is a leading provider of Digital Cinema services in Europe including VPF management, postproduction, DCP mastering, KDM delivery, digital cinema installation, maintenance and technical support. The Ymagis Group has deployed digital systems in cinemas under VPF representing close to 5,800 screens throughout Europe with both exhibition circuits and art house independent cinemas. Since 2014, the Ymagis Group operates, through its subsidiary Smartjog Ymagis Logistics, the largest e-delivery network for cinema content in Europe, using both, satellite capacity and ADSL/fibre lines, as well as a number of HDD’s duplication hubs. The Ymagis Group has also become a software house, providing innovative solutions such as a theatre management system (TMS) and a full electrical automation system.
dcinex™ Directory page dcinex™ Web Site About Film Ton Technik GmbH: Film Ton Technik Hannsdieter Rüttgers GmbH (FTT) is based in Düsseldorf and affiliate of XDC Group. As a cinema service provider with more than 50 years of experience FTT has already implemented a large number of projects for multiplexes and independent cinemas in Germany and abroad and has got subsidiaries in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania and the Netherlands as well as co-operation partners in other European countries. Apart from project planning as well as selling and installing traditional 35mm technology FTT has been active in the field of digital cinema and electronic advertising for more than ten years and established itself as a system integrator. To-date, FTT is fully dedicated to digital cinema and its range of service includes distribution, installation and maintenance of digital cinema systems and other related cinema equipment such as sound systems, screens, cinema seating and accessories. Film Ton Technik GmbH Directory page
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