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Digital Cinema Technology Mar. 05, 2015
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Barcelona—Sep 17, 2011

Ymagis Signs Agreement for Digital Cinema Deployment with Spanish Independent Distributors Baditri S.L. and Olwyn Films S.L.

YMAGIS, the leading digital cinema deployment company in Continental Europe, has reached a non exclusive agreement for digital cinema deployment in Spain with distributors BADITRI S.L. and OLWYN FILMS S.L.  YMAGIS, a company that has already agreements in place with all six “majors” distributors, incorporates now distributors BADITRI S.L. and OLWYN FILMS S.L., opening the door for Spanish independent distributors to participate in the deployment of digital cinema in Spain. 

Under these agreements, both distributors will provide their content in digital format when programming films with Spanish exhibitors equipped with DCI compliant Digital Cinema Systems under agreements with Ymagis. They will provide financial contributions during an agreed period of time, contributing to the promotion of Digital Cinema in Spain.

These agreements, together with those already in place between Ymagis and Paramount Pictures Corporation, The Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros, will enable Ymagis to provide tailored solutions for Spanish exhibitors in their efforts to equip their cinemas with DCI compliant Systems. This will bring benefits to both distributors and exhibitors, including, but not limited to, a greater quality, consistency for their virtual prints and greater copyright protection.

Antoni Badimón from BADITRI S.L. said: “Digital Cinema is a now a requirement to bring content to our audiences and fits in with our distribution strategy. Now that more than 35% of cinemas showing films every day in Spain have been equipped, independent distributors cannot delay any longer being part of this transition. Soon Digital Cinema will allow us to switch from the other formats we were using until now.

Our audiences will enjoy the same quality regardless and, probably, will be able to find our films in more cinemas. We’ll start this agreement with the release of TRANSGRESSION by Enric Alberich on November 21, our first Digital release.”, Manel Carreras, YMAGIS General Manager for Spain and its Sales and Business Development Vice President added: “We are delighted to receive BADITRI’s and OLWYN FILMS’ support for our deployment of digital systems. Independent distributors’ participation is essential to our efforts to find solutions for Spanish exhibitors. With this step, once more, we confirm the importance of independent distribution in this period of transition to digital..”
Ymagis Contacts:
Jean-Marie DURA
Managing Director Ymagis Group
Tel : +33 (0) 1 79 97 78 67
Email :

Ymagis Web Site:
About Ymagis:
Formed in 2007 and managed by professionals from the world of cinema and high technologies, Ymagis ( specialises in digital cinema services. Ymagis provides its services to producers and distributors of films and additional content, advertising agencies and cinema exhibitors, in order to help them make the most of the creative, marketing and financial aspects of digital technologies. Ymagis’ offering covers two business divisions: VPF (2) management and provision of services to cinema exhibitorsand producers/distributors. The latter services cover the sale and installation of cinema equipment, maintenance and facilities management of digital projection equipment, sale and rental of 3D glasses, post-production of content, and the preparation and delivery of DCP (3) and KDM (4). Each week, Ymagis’ digital labs deliver thousands of DCP and KDM to cinemas in Europe on behalf of its distributor clients and advertising agencies. In2013, the Group generated consolidated revenue of €47.3m, up 19% compared with 2012, and a profit before tax of €4.0m, up 27%.
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