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Digital Cinema Technology Nov. 24, 2015
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Liège/Düsseldorf—Dec 23, 2011

XDC/FTT To Reorganise European Sales

In the wake of the expansion of the group, XDC/FTT will be resetting the course for its European sales activities at the beginning of next year. 
The company announced that, in the future, it was planning to split up its pan-European company structure into the territories Western and Central Europe as well as South-Eastern Europe supervised by two umbrella organisations. In this context, the Austrian branch FTT Digital Cinema GmbH headed by Thomas Rüttgers will be responsible for the territory South-Eastern Europe with Austria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Russia as well as the former CIS countries. 

In contrast, the German branch Film Ton Technik Hannsdieter Rüttgers will be responsible for the territory Western and Central Europe with Germany, Benelux, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic including all FTT affiliates in such countries. Frank Schmitz will remain Sales Director for Germany reporting to Till Cussmann who will be heading sales for the whole territory Western and Central Europe. Jérôme Michel who has been working in the head office in Liège in recent years will join the German sales team from the 1st of January.
In the framework of this restructuring, there will be a change in the management of Film Ton Technik Hannsdieter Rüttgers GmbH: Thomas Rüttgers will step down from his position as Managing Director Germany and Serge Plasch will take his position from the 1st of January 2012 heading from then on the board of management of the parent company XDC in Liège as well as of the largest subsidiary of the group. “It has now become important to change the structure of our group in order to put our pan-European approach into practice as effectively as possible. With Thomas Rüttgers we have an industry veteran who knows the cinema business from scratch and who has already gained a foothold in Central and Eastern Europe in recent years,” said Plasch. He went on saying that one was sure to have given these growing markets requiring more support into the right hands.
Besides conquering new markets FTT Digital Cinema GmbH is to support the existing branch offices in their sales activities more strongly. “There is an extraordinary potential in these markets as the cinema partly has a totally different value as it has here“, stated Rüttgers. He said that due to this fact one could not finally estimate which power would come from the digital conversion. The new sales structure shall become effective on 1st April 2012. Rüttgers and his team will then move to new offices in Düsseldorf.
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Managing Director Ymagis Group
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About dcinex™:
As part of Ymagis Group, dcinex is a leading provider of Digital Cinema services in Europe including VPF management, postproduction, DCP mastering, KDM delivery, digital cinema installation, maintenance and technical support. The Ymagis Group has deployed digital systems in cinemas under VPF representing close to 5,800 screens throughout Europe with both exhibition circuits and art house independent cinemas. Since 2014, the Ymagis Group operates, through its subsidiary Smartjog Ymagis Logistics, the largest e-delivery network for cinema content in Europe, using both, satellite capacity and ADSL/fibre lines, as well as a number of HDD’s duplication hubs. The Ymagis Group has also become a software house, providing innovative solutions such as a theatre management system (TMS) and a full electrical automation system.
dcinex™ Directory page dcinex™ Web Site About Film Ton Technik GmbH: Film Ton Technik Hannsdieter Rüttgers GmbH (FTT) is based in Düsseldorf and affiliate of XDC Group. As a cinema service provider with more than 50 years of experience FTT has already implemented a large number of projects for multiplexes and independent cinemas in Germany and abroad and has got subsidiaries in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania and the Netherlands as well as co-operation partners in other European countries. Apart from project planning as well as selling and installing traditional 35mm technology FTT has been active in the field of digital cinema and electronic advertising for more than ten years and established itself as a system integrator. To-date, FTT is fully dedicated to digital cinema and its range of service includes distribution, installation and maintenance of digital cinema systems and other related cinema equipment such as sound systems, screens, cinema seating and accessories. Film Ton Technik GmbH Directory page
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