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Digital Cinema Technology Dec. 02, 2016
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San Francisco—Mar 3, 2003

Dolby Laboratories Launches New Production Services Group

Worldwide group offers wide range of technical services to the global entertainment community
Dolby Laboratories has officially announced the formation of its worldwide Production Services Group. Historically, Dolby has provided audio service to the global cinema industry to enhance the movie experience. With this new initiative, the company expands its world-renowned expertise to offer more services to more segments of the entertainment industry.

With the many digital cinema initiatives worldwide, Dolby has expanded its services to address the needs of industry professionals working in the medium. Clients have come to rely on Dolby to provide system installation services, content-loading into D-cinemas, as well as audio mastering and verification. Dolby now plans to offer similar mastering programs and quality assurance for digital pictures.

“Until standards are firmly established, the industry needs to support those theatres that have installed early digital systems,” said Tim Partridge, vice president, Professional Division. “However, that means making multiple masters, since each system is quite different. With the video expertise we now have in-house, we are able to provide the same quality assurance for the various digital cinema masters as we have done for years in audio.”

For traditional film distribution, Dolby recently expanded its well-established print checking program to include North America, and has helped ensure the quality of US release prints for 34 major films during the first nine months of operation, including the recent releases Jungle Book 2, Daredevil, 8 Mile, and catch me if you can. The company also provided print checking services and installation and alignment services for the Sundance Film Festival. During February, Dolby introduced a new screen monitoring service, which provides distributors and theatre management feedback on the presentation quality of films while they are playing, as well as data on how the theatre itself performs.

In addition, Dolby continues to offer the broadcasting industry similar quality assurance services—from audio mastering to complete station commissioning for audio signals—as more and more TV productions are mixed and delivered in multichannel audio. Recently, for example, audio mastering support was provided for 5.1 production of the NFC Football Championships.

“In the past two decades, Dolby has offered a wide range of technical service to film and television productions,” said David W. Gray, vice president, Production Services. “We have grown to understand the needs of entertainment companies as they embrace digital technology and particularly multichannel audio. Since we already have experience with the issues, both commercial and technical, we are well-placed to offer our expertise.”

John Iles, director, Production Services, noted “Internationally, Dolby Production Services continues to expand the range of services offered at major international film festivals, such as Cannes, offering hardware and engineering assistance for the numerous digital cinema screenings that are now being held at these events. Audio consultancy was also provided through the entire production chain of the film Pinocchio, one of Europe's first major digital cinema releases.”

Dolby Production Services Group has over 75 sound and cinema experts available. Of these, 55 work out of Dolby offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Wootton Bassett, England, while the remaining 20 are based in major entertainment cities around the world.

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Dolby Laboratories
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