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Digital Cinema Technology Apr. 25, 2015
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Bergen, Norway —Mar 5, 2007

BUG acquires first Doremi digital cinema mastering station in Scandinavia.

Post-production and graphic design studio BUG is the first facility in Scandinavia to acquire Doremi Cinema's DMS-2000 mastering station to create digital cinema movie and advertising files. With Norway having pioneered both the digital advertising and digital cinema markets in Europe, the Doremi system will enable the mastering of content in line with DCI-specifications for the entire Nordic market.

Thomas Berland, BUG's Managing Director commented that “BUG has always prided itself on offering the best services and creative tools available on the market. The Doremi DMS-2000 mastering system means that we can continue to offer our clients digital cinema files in the highest possible quality.” The award winning Norwegian studio will install the Doremi mastering system in its brand new headquarter in the centre of Bergen, the country's second largest city.

Doremi's European Manager Patrick Zucchetta said, “We are pleased that Doremi is the first choice for mastering to DCI-specifications in the United States, UK, Germany, Belgium, France and now also Scandinavia. We believe it demonstrates the system flexibility, whether used for feature films, trailers or adverts.” As well as its mastering system, Doremi has six cinema servers installed in several Norwegian cinemas, mainly with the NORDIC project (NORway's Digital Interoperability in Cinemas).

Speaking on behalf of Unique Digital, BUG's sister company, CTO Dave Spilde added, “the purchase of the DMS-2000 highlight's Unique's commitment of offering digital screen advertising solutions that anticipate DCI-quality digital cinema. We are very pleased to be working with a market leader like Doremi in pioneering the use of JPEG2000 for cinema screen advertising.” Unique's digital screen advertising system has been adopted on over 1,100 cinema screens across Norway, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and most recently in Finland as well.
About Doremi: Established in 1985, Doremi Labs has been a pioneer of technological advancement with the attainment of its 4K-technology patent, active involvement in High Frame Rate content delivery and DCI certified product line. Doremi’s install base of digital cinema playback servers has exceeded 50,000 units globally and remains the most installed server in digital cinema history to date. Product lines include digital cinema playback servers, Integrated Media Blocks (IMB) and Integrated Media Servers, post production and mastering solutions and digital cinema accessibility products for the visually impaired and hearing impaired. 

Doremi maintains its world headquarters and production facilities in Burbank (USA), European headquarters and R&D in Sophia-Antipolis (France), an office in Tokyo (Japan) to service the rapidly expanding Asian digital cinema marketplace, and two R&D entities out of Canada and EMEA (Europe, The Middle East, Africa).
Doremi Directory page About Unique Digital Ltd.:
Unique Digital, based in Dublin and London, with sister company Unique Cinema Systems in Bergen, kick-started the digital cinema advertising revolution in Europe. Following the conversion of all Norwegian screens for digital advertising in 2002, the company's technology has been installed in many cinema networks throughout Europe, the US and Far East, comprising of over 10,000 screens.  In 2006 Unique Digital headed the extensive digital cinema interoperability trial called the NORDIC project in Norway, and has developed a suite of leading software solutions for the management of digital cinema content, including a full featured Theatre Management System (RosettaBridge TMS) and Advertising back office system (Advertising Accord), KDM delivery solution (Basekey) and VPF management software (Cinema Accord).   In 2012 Unique launched the world’s first complete nationwide terrestrial distribution network in Norway, delivering full feature, trailers and pre-show DCP content (MovieTransit). Unique Digital develops software and network solutions dedicated to delivering, managing and supporting cinema and advertising content for the exhibition industry in Europe, the US and Far East.
Unique Digital Ltd. Directory page Unique Digital Ltd. Web Site About BUG: BUG is a Norwegian design studio creating motion graphics, visual effects and 3D animation for film, broadcast and commercials, as well as post production and editing in SD and HD. Set up in Bergen 1995 and present in Oslo since 2002, the company is responsible for the encoding and distribution of commercials to Unique Digital's digital cinema advertising networks in several European territories. BUG Directory page
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