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Digital Cinema Technology Aug. 16, 2017
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Singapore—Jun 18, 2008

Cathay and Sony Announce the Complete Installment of the First CineAlta 4K™ Digital Cinema Systems in Asia

Cathay Cineplexes and Sony jointly announced the complete installation of CineAlta 4K™ Digital Cinema Systems, bringing the latest 4K digital cinema technology to movie-goers in Singapore.

Cathay Cineplexes at The Cathay and Cathay Cineleisre Orchard are the first to install the Sony CineAlta 4K™ Digital SRX-R220 system in Asia. The ultra-high-resolution SRX-R220 Digital Cinema Projectors combines Sony’s LMT-100 Media Block servers and LSM-100 Screen Management System and are specifically designed for digital cinema applications.


In addition to showcasing 4K digital film content, Cathay Cineplexes is also looking forward to showcasing alternative content through the CineAlta 4K™ Digital Cinema systems. Cathay Cineplexes has been showcasing alternative content and now intends to feature such screenings of ‘live’ sporting events, ‘live’ entertainment features such as the Oscars and concerts on the Sony CineAlta 4K™ SRXR220.


“Cathay Cineplexes is continually committed to providing quality entertainment to our valued patrons so that movie-goers can immerse themselves in a superior cinematic experience,” said Suhaimi Radfdi, Chief Executive Officer of Cathay Organization Holdings Ltd. “Through the deployment of the Sony’s CineAlta 4K™ Digital Cinema Systems SRX-R220 at two of our cineplexes, patrons will not only get to enjoy 4K film content but other forms of entertainment on the big screen through the pristine clarity and amazing high resolution quality of the 4K projection.”


“With the adoption of Sony’s digital cinema systems and solutions, we are excited that Cathay Cineplexes is bringing a diversified theatrical experience to viewers with the superb picture quality,” said Kozo Tetsuya, Division Managing Director of Business and Professional Products Asia Pacific, a division company of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. ”Being the leading manufacturer and solution provider of both 4K projector and system, Sony’s CineAlta 4K™ Digital Cinema System is the first digital cinema system available in the industry to meet the Digital Cinema Initiative’s forward looking 4K image format. Around 150 units of the system were sold worldwide. Many of the cinemas are already enjoying the Sony 4K projector in which its quality outperforms traditional 35mm film projector and its resolution is 4 times higher than 2K projector.”


To demonstrate the versatility of content that can be featured on the ultra-high-resolution screens, Cathay Cineplexes has partnered PlayStation“ for a real-time PS3™ gaming jam on the big screen. Audience members will be invited to pit their skills against a PlayStation guru - located at E2Max @ The Cathay – through the online PlayStation Network. This showcases a new platform for gaming competitions, leveraging both the high-definition nature and the real-time connectivity of the PS3™.


“The PlayStation“ platform has always pushed the boundaries of the personal entertainment experience. Powering Cathay’s ‘big-screen gaming jam’ from a standard PS3™ is testament to the high-definition experience that PS3™ owners can experience in their own home. Blu-ray technology combines with the connectivity of the PlayStation“ Network to present a future of personal entertainment that is more immersive and engaging than ever,” said James Hong, Deputy General Manager, Marketing Division, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong.


The CineAlta 4K SRX-R220, an ultra-high-resolution projector, is designed specifically for digital cinema applications. The SXRD™ imaging devices used in the SRX-R220 projector make it possible to realize its 4K resolution derives from its 4096 H X 2160 V pixel matrix, which is stipulated by the Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI). The SRX-R220 projector provides four times the resolution of 2K projectors, and improved picture quality of 35mm film projection.  

Logo: Sony Digital Cinema About Sony Digital Cinema:
Sony Digital Cinema combines a full range of Sony technologies, alternative content offerings, training and service to provide a broad range of solutions for exhibitors. The world’s leading manufacturer of commercially available 4K resolution digital cinema projection systems, the group also offers Sony’s TMS (theatre management system); digital signage hardware, software and content development; security systems and Network Operations Centre (NOC) services for the exhibition community. 
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