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Digital Cinema Technology Jul. 22, 2017
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London, UK—Sep 11, 2009

Arts Alliance Media Announces the First Satellite Delivery of A Feature Film for Commercial Release in Europe

La Vida Loca Beamed to Cinemas across France
Arts Alliance Media (AAM), Europe’s leading provider of digital cinema technology, content and deployment,  together with Arqiva Satellite & Media, the leading satellite and terrestrial communications provider,  have successfully delivered La Vida Loca directly via satellite to 19 sites widespread across the Circuit George Raymond (CGR) Cinémas’ megaplex circuit, all of which use the AAM electronic delivery platform operating across Arqiva’s cinema satellite network. CGR Cinémas is one of France’s largest cinema chains. La Vida Loca will be released in France on September 30th by Ciné Classics. The film was directed by Christian Poveda and produced by La Femme Endormie.

The film, encoded and encrypted into a JPEG 2000 DCP (digital cinema package) file by AAM’s London-based digital content processing laboratory, was electronically sent over a dedicated network link to one of Arqiva’s satellite teleport hubs based in the UK, and then delivered simultaneously via satellite directly to the library servers in each cinema in France. The file will be unlocked for screening by a security key (KDM) sent separately by email to each cinema via AAM’s bespoke automated KDM delivery system.

Currently, films are physically distributed to cinemas, either on digital cinema hard drives or 35mm analog prints. Electronic distribution via satellite provides significant time and cost savings, as well as increased programming opportunities.

AAM’s Chief Executive Officer, Howard Kiedaisch said, “AAM’s electronic content delivery platform is proven and open for business!  Our thanks go to Ciné Classics and La Femme Endormie for giving us this great opportunity. Satellite delivery of films to cinemas is the bright new future for film distribution and exhibition and we are proud to be a first mover during these exciting times.”

The cinema satellite system available from AAM consists of professional grade equipment  which, unlike consumer grade systems, supports  delivery of advertising, trailers and encrypted feature films (as DCP files), as well as encrypted live broadcasts (live concerts, operas, dance, sporting events, filmmaker Q&A’s). Additional benefits of a professional system are higher quality, greater reliability, upgradeability and remote management facilities.

Logo: Arts Alliance Media About Arts Alliance Media: Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is the global leader in digital cinema software and services. It offers a wide range of software solutions to exhibitors which allow them to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and grow revenues, and improve the cinematic experience for their customers.  Its software touches over 25,000 digital screens globally, while AAM’s network operations centre (NOC) supports several thousand screens. Clients include Cinépolis, Wanda, Hoyts and Odeon UCI.  AAM’s latest offering is Thunderstorm – a unique online marketplace for cinema where exhibitors can browse the latest technologies to enable them to increase revenues and improve customer interaction. Arts Alliance Media Directory page Arts Alliance Media Web Site About CGR Cinémas: Founded in 1974 by George Raymond, CGR Cinemas is a French exhibition group based in La Rochelle, France. The group, initially based in the South-West of France, took advantage of the creation of multiplexes and extended over the entire French territory.  Today, CGR Cinemas is the third largest exhibition chain with 424 screens on 34 multiplexes and 7 cinemas and the first independent circuit in France with more than 20 million admissions per year. It was the first European network to contract the VFP model in 2007 and become 100% digital. CGR Cinémas Directory page About Arqiva:
Arqiva, the communications infrastructure and media services company, operates at the heart of the broadcast, satellite and mobile communications markets.   The company is at the forefront of network solutions and services in the digital world. Arqiva provides much of the infrastructure behind television, radio, satellite and wireless communications in the UK and has a significant presence in Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA. Customers include major broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, BSkyB and the independent radio groups, major telco providers including the UK's five mobile network operators, and the emergency services.
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