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Digital Cinema Technology Aug. 21, 2017
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London—Oct 28, 2010

BBFC Certify Unique Digital’s RosettaBridge™ TMS

The British Board of Film Certification has purchased RosettaBridge™ Theatre Management System developed by Unique Digital Ltd as an integral part of their digital preview theater operation. All feature films, short films and trailers which are shown theatrically must be classified by the BBFC and will be ingested and managed via the TMS.

RosettaBridge is a full featured TMS providing BBFC management and staff with an unrivaled suite of tools to manage film and advertising content through an intuitive and easy to use interface. Key features include a scalable library server, agnostic player and projector interface, automation control and content distribution with all elements being managed using a simple drag and drop GUI.

The installation carried out by Sound Associates at the BBFC headquarters in Soho Square London allows transfer of content and keys between the TMS Library and Dolby server and will also provide an ingest port for content delivered remotely across a secure network. Managers and Staff can view and operate the system securely from any network connected PC in the building.

“The BBFC have seen a huge rise in the number of digital film prints, trailers and advertising content and we realized we needed a theatre management system to ensure we could continue to offer our customers an efficient and reliable screening service” commented Dave Barret Head of Operations, adding “we looked at a number of TMS systems on the market and liked the fact that RosettaBridge operated on an enterprise class server running Linux coupled with a very user friendly screen interface. We will also be able to offer our customers a secure and reliable remote delivery service.”  

“With the rise in digital film screenings and the need to retain quick access to certain films for repeat viewings, often at short notice, we were in desperate need of a large library” said Alan Burkey, chief projectionist at the BBFC. “The RosettaBridge TMS provides this for us and we have found the operator interface and features such as KDM management very easy to use”.

Rod Wheeler, Sales and Marketing Director of Unique Digital Ltd commented, “We are delighted to be working with the BBFC. The certification process is the starting point for all film and advertising content distribution and the BBFC staff are often working against tight deadlines – using our RosettaBridge TMS provides them quick access to the content and the ability to manage the secure keys efficiently.”

For more information please contact: Unique Digital Ltd +44 207 384 5623 -

Logo: Unique Digital Ltd. About Unique Digital Ltd.:
Established 20 years ago, Unique Digital are the leading supplier of products and services to the Digital Cinema Industry with offices in Dublin, Manchester, London, Bergen and Vilnius. Products are tailored for Exhibition, Distribution and Cinema Advertising Sales companies including RosettaBridge TMS, RosettaNet (Theatre Management Systems), Movie Transit (DCP Content Delivery Network), Basekey (KDM management), RosettaPOS (Point of Sale), RosettaLive (Event Streaming) and our pre-show products of Advertising Accord, Ad Transit and Smart Trailering, amongst others.

We ♡ making software for the entertainment industry 

Unique Digital Ltd. Directory page Unique Digital Ltd. Web Site About British Board of Film Classification:
The British Board of Film Classification is an independent, non-governmental body which has classified cinema films since it was set up in 1912 and videos/ DVDs since the Video Recordings Act was passed in 1984.

The British Board of Film Censors was set up in 1912 by the film industry as an independent body to bring a degree of uniformity to the classification of film nationally. Statutory powers on film remain with the local councils, which may overrule any of the BBFC’s decisions, passing films we reject, banning films we have passed, and even waiving cuts, instituting new ones, or altering categories for films exhibited under their own licensing jurisdiction.

In 1984 Parliament passed the Video Recordings Act. This act stated that, subject to certain exemptions, video recordings offered for sale or hire commercially in the UK must be classified by an authority designated by the Secretary of State. The President and Vice Presidents of the BBFC were so designated, and charged with applying the new test of ‘suitability for viewing in the home’.  At this point the Board’s title was changed to the British Board of Film Classification to reflect the fact that classification plays a far larger part in the BBFC’s work than censorship.
British Board of Film Classification Directory page
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