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Digital Cinema Technology Jan. 17, 2017
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Kuurne, Belgium.—Mar 1, 2005

Barco reports increased buy in from Post Production Market for 2k DLP Cinema™ projection solutions.

High-end Post Production houses demand advanced DLP Cinema™ projection solutions for their Digital Intermediate (DI) work.
Barco Digital Cinema reports an increased interest by post production companies for 2k digital projection solutions. In the last few months, several D-Cine Premiere DP100 projectors, incorporating 2k DLP Cinema™ technology from Texas Instruments, have been sold worldwide to high-end post production facilities. It is not just the requirement for color-accurate, high-contrast images - the post production sector demands software control tools to ensure that digital projection can reproduce the full color gamut and feel of the final film print. Barco’s D-Cine Communicator software provides this added value thanks to the Look-up Table Management feature, enabling direct access and control over industry standard or proprietary Color, Gamma and 3D Look-up tables. Thanks to this feature, the post production community can be confident that the projected images will be accurate, both during the Digital Intermediate grade and the final 35mm print output.

EFILM, LLC based in the US, is the leading Digital Intermediate company worldwide. EFILM has recently acquired five (5) Barco 2K D-Cine Premiere DP 100 projectors to enable cinematographers to accurately portray the color and look of their films on the big screen with razor-sharp, high-contrast, color-accurate images. Once cinematographers finish enhancing the look of their films using Barco projectors and special color correction software, EFILM record the images back to film for lab processing and worldwide distribution. Robert L. Eicholz, Vice President Corporate Development of EFILM further explains "EFILM takes pride in providing the best and most accurate color images in the Digital Intermediate business. We have invested years in developing state-of-the-art software, procedures, and techniques to accomplish this goal. Only the best 2K projection can take full advantage of our investment in color science. Our Barco D-Cine Premiere DP 100's fit the bill perfectly."
Recent films completed using Barco D-Cine Premiere DP 100 projectors at EFILM include The Passion of the Christ, Spiderman 2, Cat in the Hat, Finding Neverland, Sky Captain - World of Tomorrow, Peter Pan, and Oceans 12.

Earlier this month two post production houses in Australia, Cutting Edge and Animal Logic, ordered a Barco D-Cine Premiere DP 100 each, bringing the total Barco post production installations in Australia to four (4). Frame Set & Match and Digital Pictures had previously ordered Barco DP 100’s the last quarter of 2004.

Soho in West London, is the heart of the UK’s post production scene with a wealth of experienced facility houses offering a wide range of Digital Intermediate solutions to the Film and Commercials sector. Known for its pioneering work in developing end-to-end digital intermediate solutions for many years, Soho Images were the first to offer a full sized digital grading suite based around a Barco DP100 2K projector. “The technology and color management tools were finally in place to put the final piece in the technology chain. It is now possible for us to provide a complete service from negative rushes development, through digital grading at 2K on a full size screen and back out to 35mm. On top of this we can offer full HD screening facilities right in the heart of Soho” said Paul Collard, MD Soho Images (part of the Ascent Media Group).
Following this lead, installations have been made at Warner Bros, Cinesite and most recently Midnight transfer, all of whom intend to offer digital intermediate grading solutions with high end (2K-6K) scanning, often using proprietary 3D color cubes designed to match their individual process workflows.

Barco, in partnership with BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts), have recently (22nd Feb 2005) hosted a forum on Image Perfection at the recently refurbished BAFTA premises in London. The day was a resounding success and explored issues facing the production community in maintaining a perfect image from Camera, through Post to Screen. Over 150 leading experts from the UK post production community were in attendance for the variety of interesting speakers and champagne reception. A total of eight sessions were hosted by professionals from all areas of post production to talk on the merits and evolution of Digital projection.

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Logo: Barco Digital Cinema About Barco Digital Cinema: Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops networked visualization products for the Entertainment, Enterprise and Healthcare markets. Barco has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and APAC. Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) is active in more than 90 countries with 3,300 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 1.029 billion euro in 2015. 

Barco is one of three licencees of Texas Instruments DLP Cinema™ technology. TI developed DLP Cinema™ technology working in close cooperation with Barco and others in the movie industry, to develop Cinema Projector and support systems based on DMD™ technology, to meet the requirement of studios, film distributors and exhibitors alike.
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