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Digital Cinema Technology Aug. 17, 2017
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Costa Mesa, CA—May 1, 2013

QSC Introduces Several New Series of Cinema Surround Loudspeaker and Subwoofer Series at CinemaCon

At this year’s CinemaCon, QSC Audio Products, LLC.,  announced the introduction of several new products which offer extensive cinema surround options to meet the needs of virtually any cinema or surround sound application.  The new products include a new line of loudspeakers, AcousticPerformance™, additions to the AcousticDesign™ Series surface-mount line, as well as a price reduction on GP Series subwoofers.

For immersive sound surround applications requiring high output performance, the new AcousticPerformance series includes three models: AP-5102, AP-5122, and the AP-5152.  The AP-5102 uses a 10” woofer, while the AP-5122 features a 12” woofer, and the largest model, AP-5152 uses a 15” woofer.

All AP models can be used as a passive (full-range) loudspeaker to minimize amplifier channel count or they can be bi-amplified for greater control and performance. To further enhance performance, bi-amp and full-range tunings using QSC Intrinsic Correction™ techniques are available for Q-Sys™ and future QSC products.  All three enclosure sizes feature M10 mounting points for suspension via eye-bolts as well as mount points for an optional yoke bracket.

For immersive sound surround applications requiring great sound and enhanced aiming flexibility, new additions to the AcousticDesign™ series includes three models: S8T, S10T, and S12. Ease-of-installation is the driving principle behind these next generation small format, surface mount surround loudspeakers.  Installers will appreciate flexible mounting options offered by this series. Euro-block connectors allow for convenient pre-wiring of the system. The included X-Mount™ hardware enables the installer to simply lift the loudspeaker onto the mount and lock it into place The X-Mount also allows pan, tilt and yaw aiming for front and rear-mounted surrounds to be a simple adjustment.  Knurled surfaces on the X-Mount’s pivot points enable loudspeaker deployment angles to lock in place in 7.5 degree increments and ensure that aiming stays fixed, with no special tools required.  S8T, S10T and S12 models also feature M10 mounting points for suspension via eye-bolts as well as mounting points for an optional yoke bracket, with an integral seismic mount for added safety.

Both the AcousticPerformance and AcousticDesign loudspeaker series feature Directivity Matched Transition (DMT), a QSC design approach that matches the high frequency transducer to the woofer at the cross-over point, resulting in remarkably consistent coverage and smooth, accurate reproduction on and off-axis.  

For theatres and immersive sound surround applications requiring low frequency extension of the surround channels, QSC is pleased to offer the popular GP subwoofers at significantly reduced prices.  The GP118 features a single premium-grade, long excursion, high power 850 W 18-inch woofer, while the GP218 features two of these woofers.  The GP-118 and GP-218 enclosures are constructed of 18mm Baltic birch plywood with internal bracing to eliminate acoustic losses due to panel resonance while maintaining the enclosure’s robustness.  Included M10 threaded fittings allow the GP-118 and GP-218 to be easily and safely suspended.  For floor placement, the transducer is well-protected by a 16-gauge, powder coated steel grille.
With an impressive combination of low-frequency extension and sonic accuracy, the GP subwoofers are an ideal companion to the both QSC AcousticPerformance Series and AcousticDesign Series surround loudspeakers when used in high output immersive sound surround applications.

QSC Contacts: Danny Pickett, 
Director, Global Cinema Sales

Mark Mayfield, 
Director, Global Cinema Marketing 
Logo: QSC, LLC About QSC, LLC: QSC is a globally recognized manufacturer of audio, video, and control solutions for all commercial applications. QSC Cinema offers the industry’s most comprehensive catalog of cinema solutions including signal processing, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, accessibility solutions, and test/measurement equipment.  Supported by a team of knowledgeable and highly experienced cinema professionals, QSC Cinema provides optimized system solutions for rooms of any size, sound format, and budget. QSC, LLC Directory page QSC, LLC Web Site
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