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Digital Cinema Technology Aug. 21, 2017
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Basingstoke, UK—Feb 9, 2015

Estonian Independent Cinemas Embrace 4K and 3D Technology

Sony brings the world’s sharpest and most advanced cinema technology to smaller Estonian independent cinema communities
In 2015, 4K and 3D technologies have hit the countryside of Estonia. The best cinema technology is no longer limited to the big screen, with smaller cinemas gaining access to a state of the art cinema environment.  

“Smaller cinemas should not shy away from the new technology, but rather see it as an opportunity. The world’s sharpest and most advanced cinema technology is now available to them, at a reasonable price. We see a great interest from Estonia’s independent cinemas, and some of them have already invested in Sony Digital Cinema 4K solutions with great success”, said Raivo Kraus, Sony’s partner at Miterassa Ltd.

Affordable option
Last year Miterassa installed several 4K projectors from Sony in a selection of smaller independent cinemas and they expect to continue at the same pace in 2015. Miterassa has installed the SRX-R510 and SRX-R515, both high-end 4K digital cinema projection systems designed for use in small and medium sized screens. 
“The models within the 500 series are affordable options for many of our independent cinemas here in Estonia, requiring minimal maintenance, helping to reduce overall running costs. This is just one of the  many reasons why Sony’s Digital Cinema 4K solutions should be the #1 choice for quality-conscious cinemas of any size”, said Kraus.

Deserves the best
The Estonian audience has embraced both 4K and 3D technology, highlighting the spectacular image quality on screen. For 3D viewing the reusable glasses complement the cinemas’ green thinking policy and provide a very cost efficient solution for the cinema.
“Everybody deserves the best picture technology when enjoying a good movie, and Sony’s digital cinema solutions offer the best possible viewing experience. We very much see this as a social project as well – enabling people in rural areas to have the very best cinema experience, regardless of where they live. They too can now enjoy content with crystal clear picture quality,” said Kraus. 
“At Foundation Võru Kannel, we believe in offering the best available technology to our cinema audience, as picture quality is central to all film lovers, whether you live in a small community or in a big city. It’s important that we focus on strengthening our cinema offering with the latest technology available. By investing in Sony Digital Cinema 4K solutions we enable our independent cinemas to secure a competitive advantage, offering audiences the very best viewing experience,” said Heiki Kelp at Võru Kannel. 
The new standard
The Tallinn University, Baltic Film and Media School (BFM), was the first cinema to install Sony 4K Digital Cinema solutions with an SRX-R515 and a modern audio system. Their commitment to 4K has established a new standard for the Estonian cinema industry.  “Sony has developed a solid position within the cinema industry in Estonia. By investing in 4K and 3D technology, the cinemas have set the standard for the future, making sure their local audiences have access to the best technology available – securing the best film experience possible”, said Tore Mortensen, Business Manager at Sony Nordic.

Logo: Sony Digital Cinema About Sony Digital Cinema:
Sony Digital Cinema combines a full range of Sony technologies, alternative content offerings, training and service to provide a broad range of solutions for exhibitors. The world’s leading manufacturer of commercially available 4K resolution digital cinema projection systems, the group also offers Sony’s TMS (theatre management system); digital signage hardware, software and content development; security systems and Network Operations Centre (NOC) services for the exhibition community. 
Sony Digital Cinema Directory page Sony Digital Cinema Web Site About Sony UK PSE: Sony Professional, a division of Sony Europe, is the leading supplier of AV/IT solutions to businesses across a wide variety of sectors including, Media and Broadcast, Video Security and Retail, Transport & Large Venue markets. It delivers products, systems and applications to enable the creation, manipulation and distribution of digital audio-visual content that add value to businesses and their customers.  With over 25 years’ experience in delivering innovative market-leading products, Sony Professional is ideally placed to deliver exceptional quality and value to its customers. Sony's Professional Services division, its systems integration arm, offers its customers access to the expertise and local knowledge of skilled professionals across Europe. Collaborating with a network of established technology partners, Sony delivers end to end solutions that address the customer's needs, integrating software and systems to achieve each organisation’s individual business goals. Sony UK PSE Directory page
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