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Digital Cinema Technology Jul. 27, 2017
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ShoWest—Mar 13, 2006

GDC Technology Debuts DCI Adopted Mxf JPEG2000 Upgrade Kit with 3D and MXF MPEG2 Playback Capabilities

GDC TECHNOLOGY, the leading provider of digital cinema solutions today unveils the new MXF JPEG2000 Upgrade Kit for SA1000 DSR™ Digital Film Server.

The MXF JPEG2000 Upgrade Kit contains a single board that enables the existing SA1000 Servers to playback 3D movies and movies encoded using both the MXF MPEG2 and MXF JPEG2000 formats. The Upgrade Kit also incorporates the latest DCI security requirements such as security system clock to ensure playback times and event log time stamps are time-accurate and secure.

To minimize the disruption to the D-Cinema exhibition business, GDC TECHNOLOGY has taken the important step of ensuring its D-Cinema Server – SA1000 maintains backward compatibility; this is achieved by supporting multiple D-Cinema formats such as DSR™ MPEG2, MXF MPEG2 and MXF JPEG2000. SA1000 Server allows users to benefit from using the most reliable and currently most widely supported D-Cinema format – MXF MPEG2, while waiting for DCI to approve a compliance test procedure. With the replacement of a card in SA1000 Server with MXF JPEG2000 Upgrade Kit, exhibitors are assured of their investment in D-Cinema equipment.

Besides playing back D-Cinema content in JPEG2000 format, the same SA1000 Server allows the exhibitors to show live-events and alternative content in D-Cinema quality MPEG2 format without adding another piece of equipment in the projection booth. SA1000 Server also has the DVB-ASI receiver/decoder capability for receiving the broadcast quality live HDTV broadcast via satellite or network.

GDC TECHNOLOGY has the experience of upgrading its worldwide MPEG2 Servers installed in D-Cinema theaters to meet MXF MPEG2 requirements set out by Hollywood studios in July 2005. GDC TECHNOLOGY understands the painstaking process in continual upgrades of D-Cinema Server; as such GDC TECHNOLOGY believes there should only be one final upgrade of the server to meet DCI specifications when DCI Compliance Test Procedure is available. GDC TECHNOLOGY’s JPEG2000 Upgrade Kit will be launched at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, March 13–16, 2006. Once the interoperability of JPEG2000 servers are achieved with DCI Compliance Test Procedure, GDC TECHNOLOGY will provide its JPEG2000 Upgrade Kit to its worldwide customers in Q3 2006. SA1000 Server also has the option to playback 3D content in the same box and such 3D option will remain available after the JPEG2000 upgrade.

With over 500 active digital screens worldwide, GDC Servers have been considered the best choice for exhibitors seeking painless transition from analog 35mm film to digital presentation.

GDC TECHNOLOGY debutS dci adopted MXF jpeg2000 upgrade kit with 3d and mxf mpeg2 playback capabilities

GDC Technology Limited Contacts:
Media Contact:   Tony Adamson

GDC Technology Limited
Unit 1-7, 20th Floor, Kodak House II, 
39 Healthy Street East, North Point, Hong Kong 
Tel: + 852 2507 9555    Fax:+852 2579 1131
Logo: GDC Technology Limited About GDC Technology Limited: GDC Technology Limited (‘GDC’) is a leading digital cinema solutions provider. GDC develops, manufactures and sells media servers, content storage systems, theatre management systems and network operations center software for the global cinema industry. GDC is a licensee of the DTS:X object-based immersive sound technology from DTS, Inc. for the development of its media servers.  In addition, GDC also provides a suite of digital cinema products and services, including integrated projection systems, 3D products, projector lamps and silver screens. GDC Digital Cinema Network Limited, a GDC subsidiary, manages VPF for over 6,300 theatre screens and with more than 650 studios or motion picture distributors worldwide. GDC Technology Limited Directory page GDC Technology Limited Web Site
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