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Digital Cinema Technology Aug. 19, 2017
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Kwangyang City, Republic of Korea—Dec 7, 2016

Barco Laser Stars in Yeosu’s ‘All-Laser Multiplex’, A First in Korea

Barco’s laser projector technology takes the spotlight in the brand-new CGV Kwangyang cinema, in South Korea. Operated by YEOSU MBC, one of the nation’s top 3 television stations and a branch of Mumhwa Broadcasting Corporation, CGV Kwangyang will feature one Barco flagship laser and six laser phosphor projectors. 

Barco laser technology was the clear choice for the new cinema, because it offers significant cost savings, extremely high efficiency and the ultimate visual experience. CGV Kwangyang is Korea’s first all-laser multiplex.

Already a leader in television broadcasting, YEOSU MBC chose to expand its business activities in 2016 to include the seven-screen CGV Kwangyang multiplex. “We poured a whole lot of time and effort into finding the best solution in the projection industry, and the choice was clear,” explains Jinho Lee, Business Operation Senior Manager at Yeosu MBC. “Barco technology really stands out from its competitors in all areas – ease-of-use, reliability and superior quality. There’s no cinema experience quite like a Barco cinema experience.” 

Barco flagship laser: the cinema technology of the future
To secure CGV Kwangyang’s position as Korea’s most advanced theater, Yeosu MBC had already identified laser technology as the wave of the future. Company representatives pulled out all the stops during their evaluation of laser projection technology, visiting almost every laser projection site in Korea to verify on-screen picture quality, 2D, brightness and ease of installation and use. They found Barco laser projectors to have the ideal combination of innovation, simple and lamp-free operation, reliability and centralized network control – not to mention Barco’s excellent sales and service support, courtesy of Barco Korea and its partners. “But above all – it’s about the viewing experience. Barco is just better,” says Lee.

Korea’s first ‘all-laser cinema auditorium’
The largest theater in the CGV Kwangyang multiplex will be home to a Barco flagship laser DP4K-30L projector, while the other six smaller theaters will be equipped with 20,000 lumen Barco DP2K-20CLP laser phosphor projectors. “We’ll be able to offer Kwangyang moviegoers a cinema experience featuring the best possible imaging technology. Even better, our choice of Barco’s flagship laser and laser phosphor projectors simplifies operations and cuts costs, thanks to the absence of lamps,” Lee continues.

Youngwook Yoon, CEO of Yeosu MBC: “We believe that this ‘all-laser theater’ will be a new evolution in Korean cinema that will go down in history. We’re glad to write this history together with Barco.” 

The new multiplex will open to the public at the end of December 2016.

Barco Contacts:

Stephanie Vlegels

Stephanie Vlegels
Press and PR contact EMEA
Barco nv
Telephone +32 56 36 81 66

Tyler West Tyler West
Corporate Marketing Director, North America
Barco nv
Telephone +1 678-512-6107

Vickie Yueh Vickie Yueh
Press and PR contact APAC and GRC
Barco nv
Telephone +886 2 8771 0228

Logo: Barco Digital Cinema About Barco Digital Cinema: Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops networked visualization products for the Entertainment, Enterprise and Healthcare markets. Barco has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and APAC. Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) is active in more than 90 countries with 3,300 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 1.029 billion euro in 2015. 

Barco is one of three licencees of Texas Instruments DLP Cinema™ technology. TI developed DLP Cinema™ technology working in close cooperation with Barco and others in the movie industry, to develop Cinema Projector and support systems based on DMD™ technology, to meet the requirement of studios, film distributors and exhibitors alike.
Barco Digital Cinema Directory page Barco Digital Cinema Web Site About Yeosu MBC: Established in 1970, Yeosu MBC is one of 15 local TV and radio broadcasting stations operated by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). Yeosu MBC has recently focused on expanding its business activities to provide premium content and additional services to viewers and moviegoers in the Eastern Jeonam and Western Kyungam areas of the Republic of Korea. Yeosu MBC Directory page
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