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Digital Cinema Technology Jul. 22, 2017
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Las Vegas, Nevada,—Mar 12, 2007

DTS Digital Cinema Launches New Direction at Showest 2007

Company to focus on digital cinema innovation while continuing to service legacy business
DTS Digital Cinema, an expert provider of premier-quality digital entertainment services for the motion picture industry, has announced the working structure of its new D-Cinema business.

The company has combined its cinema and digital images divisions to form DTS Digital Cinema, with a singular focus on supporting the industry’s transition to digital cinema. Its core is rooted in the knowledge, experience and client relationships it has built through its unrivaled history of preparing and delivering digital content to motion picture cinemas around the world.

“The announced split from our corporate parent last month will allow DTS Inc.’s individual businesses to each focus on what they do best. Today’s launch of the new DTS Digital Cinema organization is the first official step toward major expansion of our product and service offerings,” said Bill Neighbors, president. He continues, “We are committed to providing outstanding value and innovative solutions with a comprehensive range of quality digital entertainment services for content owners and exhibitors alike. In so doing, we will also continue to fully support our existing customers.”


Anticipating the industry’s transition to Digital Cinema and how it will affect the future of the motion picture exhibition business, the company has made strategic moves to focus on the creation of end-to-end service capability and the provision of digital content networks. In 2005, they acquired Lowry Digital Images, widely considered the world leader in digital restoration and renowned for delivering remarkable quality moving pictures through breakthroughs in digital image processing. In 2006, the company acquired Digital Booking Systems, a web-based application that allows exhibitors to manage all aspects of their operation, from film acquisition to exhibition management. Also in 2006, they acquired the exclusive rights to develop and market Avica Technology’s line of products, including the Avica FilmStore™ digital cinema player and theatre management system.

A World Leader in Digital

DTS has been a world leader in digital audio for the past fourteen years, with a rich history of vision, innovation and excellence, beginning with its pioneering Academy Award®-winning audio technology that led the industry conversion to digital sound with a deployment of systems that has rapidly grown to over 28,000 screens worldwide.

“We know our way through digital exhibition and we’ve been actively building our organization and capabilities over the last several years,” said Don Bird, senior vice president, corporate strategy and business development. “We are uniquely well-suited to support our customers in the transition to digital cinema because of our unparalleled depth of technology experience, from content preparation through digital delivery and playout.”

DTS Digital Cinema has established two fully-integrated product and service groups, to both guide and support existing and future customers.

The company’s Content Services group supports content owners by offering best-in-class image processing, digital content preparation and delivery services. Their relationships and experience enables delivery of a broad range of content, including major motion picture releases, pre-show advertising and alternative content.

Compliant JPEG2000 encoding and packaging
Content restoration, enhancement, and repair
Digital Intermediate services for scanning, conforming, processing, color correction
DTS Digital Sound® licensing and post production services
DTS Access™ fulfillment services for subtitles, captions, and audio description

DTS Digital Cinema’s Theatre Systems group are experts at guiding customers along the path of greatest opportunity by offering bridge solutions between T- (traditional) Cinema and D-Cinema business models. This includes integrating theatre media management systems for receiving, scheduling and exhibiting digital content. These solutions bridge the gap between film and digital, encompassing a range of hardware and software products, supported by a sales and service network of more than 200 dealers worldwide.

Digital cinema playback systems Theatre management systems
High-quality ancillary audio and video playback equipment
Digital HD pre-show and lobby advertising systems
Software applications for booking, scheduling, and exhibition management
Custom-designed network management services

DTS Digital Cinema is focused on meeting customer needs in the burgeoning digital cinema space by offering solutions that will reduce costs and increase security for distributors, while providing a broad range of revenue opportunities for exhibitors through design and supply of more efficient content management and delivery systems.

“Our understanding of both the complexities and the opportunities in this evolving market allow us to expertly guide and support our customers through the digital conversion,” continues Don Bird. “Our content management solutions and build-out of digital content networks will more efficiently connect content creators with their audiences, while offering the agility and scalability the digital era demands.”

About DTS, Inc.: Since 1993, DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI) has been dedicated to making the world sound better. Through its pioneering audio solutions for mobile devices, home theater systems, cinema, automotive and beyond, DTS provides incredibly high-quality, immersive and engaging audio experiences to listeners everywhere. DTS technology is integrated in more than two billion devices globally, and the world's leading video and music streaming services are increasingly choosing DTS to deliver premium sound to their listeners’ network-connected devices. DTS, Inc. Directory page
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