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Digital Cinema Technology Jul. 28, 2017
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London —Oct 8, 2007

Qube Cinema strengthens European presence

Reports key sales in Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic
Photo: Qube XP-D Qube XP-D
Qube XP-D Photo: Qube XP-D DCI Compliant Digital Cinema Server
Qube Cinema, Inc. is expanding its presence in Europe with key sales in Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.

In a bid to upgrade its viewer experience, Cinecitta in Nurnberg, the largest megaplex in Germany with 22 screens, has installed QubeMaster, Qube Cinema’s market leading software tool for DCP creation, while Shelter Digital, a post production facility in Rome, has installed both QubeMaster and the Qube XP-D, Qube Cinema’s multi-format DCI server.

In Italy, Qube Cinema has supplied systems to SIM2 Multimedia, one of the world's foremost manufacturers of home theatre products (CRT, LCD and DLP™ technology-based) and leading provider of high-end professional video wall solutions to the retail, public large venue and institutional markets.

Also in Italy, is Shelter Digital Post Production – one of the leading Post facilities in the region, providing comprehensive services to the film community. Qube’s products enable a further expansion of their service offerings, allowing for full D-Cinema DCP creation and playout.

In the Czech Republic, Qube Cinema has increased its numbers, with another order from Xtreme Cinemas, which operates throughout the Czech Republic, offering complete upgrades for every cinema solution inclusive of screens, digital servers, projectors, sound processors, speakers, networking and software.

“It’s great news for Qube and Digital Cinema as a whole. The European market is genuinely waking up to the quality, performance and value that Qube’s products represent. With full DCI compliance and acceptance by the major studios, I can already see customer interest increasing enormously,” says Nigel Dennis, Head of European Business Development, Qube Cinema, Inc.

Qube Cinema's end-to-end solutions for digital cinema provide the ultimate combination of quality, reliability, ease-of-use, security and flexibility. Designed from the ground up to operate in mission-critical applications, the architecture of the Qube product family has been conceived with the future in mind and provides an integrated workflow, from mastering to distribution, playback to reporting and archives. Being almost entirely software based allows the Qube system to leverage developments in the computer industry and bring to the market format independent, powerful and flexible products.

QubeMaster is a software-based digital cinema packaging solution designed to integrate fully into a modern post environment. QubeMaster imports or digitizes picture and sound and encodes into all supported image compression formats including JPEG2000, MPEG 2 and Windows Media 9. The system can also perform DCI specified encryption simultaneously. QubeMaster provides a very powerful mastering interface which allows Track Files to be added to the database; picture, sound and subtitles to be synced accurately to form Reels; Reels to be chained together to form Compositions and Shows to be created using one or more Compositions. The system produces standards compliant Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) for distribution to digital screens. QubeMaster also allows for Compositions to be edited for censorship or localization requirements of different territories.

The Qube XP Digital Cinema Server is the core component of the Qube system that plays picture and sound and provides theatre-automation support. Qube XP-D is aimed at the D-cinema market and has CineLink™ 2 equipped dual-link HD-SDI outputs and AES3 audio outputs apart from providing analog audio outputs. Designed to conform to the DCI Specification, the base system handles JPEG2000, MPEG 2 and VC-1 picture. Qube XP-E is aimed at the E-cinema market and has HDCP equipped HDMI connections, analog audio outputs and handles MPEG-2 and VC-1 picture formats.

Contacts: Nigel Dennis,
Tel: +44 208 144 5661
Mob: +44 7878717548
Logo: Qube Cinema Inc. About Qube Cinema Inc.: Qube Cinema, Inc. is a provider of end-to-end digital cinema technology and solutions. The company draws on decades of experience in cinema and provides a seamless digital environment for exhibitors, filmmakers and post-production companies with DCI compliant products that are flexible, reliable and cost-effective. Qube Cinema Inc. Directory page Qube Cinema Inc. Web Site
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