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Digital Cinema Technology Apr. 25, 2017
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Las Vegas—Mar 15, 2004

Dolby Launches NA10 Network Automation Interface at ShoWest 2004

Industry leader also makes ScreenTalk Available in US
Dolby Laboratories has announced the launch of its new NA10 Network Automation Interface for digital cinema applications at this year's ShoWest convention, March 22-25 in Las Vegas. Additionally, following a successful launch in the UK in 2003, Dolby® ScreenTalk™, will be available to US exhibitors late this summer.

"Continuing the Dolby tradition of providing the cinema industry with the very best products and service, we're proud to offer ScreenTalk in the United States this year, as well as show our newest digital cinema-ready device, the NA10, at ShoWest," said Tim Partridge, Senior Vice President, Professional Division, Dolby Laboratories.

Dolby NA10 Automation Network Adapter
A new product at ShoWest 2004, the Dolby NA10 Network Automation Interface helps new digital cinema systems integrate with existing cinema installations, providing the vital link between software-controlled cinema management systems and existing cinema hardware.

The Dolby NA10 takes data from the cinema management system and uses closure relays to control such functions as machine start and stop, house lighting control, and curtain motor control. The NA10 simplifies the installation of a server to the existing cinema automation system.
In addition, it allows an operator to monitor and control the film projection system from the digital cinema theatre management software, and control the house functions from cues on the server. This can be very useful if your program is a combination of both film and digital media. If necessary, the NA10 can be connected in parallel with an existing automation controller.

Dolby ScreenTalk
The ScreenTalk system provides a cost-effective way of providing both full-color original-language captioning for hearing impaired audiences (without a special subtitled print), and real-time audio descriptions for the visually impaired-enhancing the cinema experience for all patrons. The number of installations in the UK is building up to provide a network of fully accessible cinemas across the country, and the system will be rolling out across Europe in the coming months. During 2003, 80 films were mastered and distributed with subtitles and audio description, allowing all audiences to enjoy films as soon as they are released.

Dolby ScreenTalk provides captioning capability when used in conjunction with a captioning device, such as a reflective system mounted at the rear of the cinema. For audio description, Dolby ScreenTalk uses a cinema's wireless headphone system to transmit the commentary to individual audience members.

This technology is also ideal for foreign-language subtitling and especially useful for film festivals and special event screenings.
Because it works with any 35 mm print with Dolby Digital, film distributors save the cost of separately distributing a special subtitled print, and exhibitors are able to switch the subtitles on and off for individual screenings.

Dolby ScreenTalk technology is computer-based, using a Dolby software application running on a Linux operating system. Projectionist control is facilitated by the Dolby ST100 System Controller, a rackmount unit that eliminates the need for a computer monitor, keyboard, or mouse. The system connects directly to an existing Dolby Digital decoder (DA20, CP500, or
CP650) to receive timing information that links the captions and audio descriptions to the film itself.

In addition to captioning and audio description, the system can also be used for on-screen advertising to cinema audiences when connected to a video projector. Cinema staff can create their own full-color advertising and announcement slide shows using the ST Media Master software package supplied with the system.

Both Dolby ScreenTalk and the NA10 Network Automation Interface will be exhibited at the Dolby exhibit, booth 1605.

Dolby Events at ShoWest 2004
Dolby will co-host an opening night reception on Monday, March 22 at the Century Orleans 18 Theatre as part of the ShoWest Showcase: An Evening of Independent Film, which features all content encoded and played back with Dolby technology. This year's showcase includes screenings of
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (IFC Films); Danny Deckchair (Lion's Gate Films); Stander (Newmarket Films); Baadasssss! (Sony Pictures Classics); and Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (Film Foundry Releasings).
Dolby technical staff will offer a training session and product introduction for ShoWest attendees. The seminar will focus on the CP650 Digital Cinema Processor and DMA8 Digital Media Adapter on Tuesday, March 23 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Bally's, Las Vegas.

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Joshua Gershman
Dolby Laboratories
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