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Digital Cinema Technology Nov. 30, 2015
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Iola, KS, and Morristown, NJ—Mar 29, 2011

Sonic Equipment Company and Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corporation Announces Partnership to Service Showplex Cinemas, Inc.

Deal will enable the rollout of over 80 New Digital Cinema Screens
Sonic Equipment Company, a leader in the sales, installation and service of cinema equipment across the United States, today announced they will be installing digital cinema and providing Preventative Maintenance Service for over 80 screens owned by Midwest based Showplex Cinemas, Inc.  Cinedigm (NADAQ: CIDM), the global leader in digital cinema conversion programs, is responsible for structuring and implementing the underlying VPF agreement that enables Showplex’s conversion to digital cinema, as well as providing the entire administration responsibility of the VPF program for Showplex.
Sonic currently provides service to over 500 screens and have a fully trained and certified group of technicians, installers and sales managers to meet the needs of today's growing industry.
Through 2010, Sonic technicians installed nearly 150 digital systems in 13 states and have plans to increase that number to over 300 in 2011.  In 2011, they have already signed 30 screens including Sturgeon Bay WI (Suick Theatres), White Water WI (Cinemas of White Water, Lebanon MO (B&B theatres) and Dodge City KS (B&B Theatres); all of which are also under Cinedigm contracts.
“We are pleased to welcome Showplex into the rapidly expanding Sonic family and are very excited to have the opportunity to assist them with their step up to the next level by converting to digital cinema,” says Johnathan Thompson, Senior Sales Manager at Sonic Equipment.

To date, Sonic has installed 111 screens under Cinedigm contracts.
With Cinedigm’s turnkey suite of digital cinema technologies, the converted theatres will now be able to offer consumers all-new digital entertainment options, including high quality live and alternative content programming.  Recent releases by Cinedigm include the ground-breaking, worldwide LIVE 3D broadcast of the FIFA World Cup Championship, the BCS Championship in LIVE 3D, the Dave Matthews Band 3D concerts, and the sold out 3D PHISH concerts. Cinedigm has also released the KIDTOONS series for the past six years, a weekly family friendly matinee series that runs in over 165 theatres across the country.
Since the beginning of digital conversions, Cinedigm has been the leader in digital cinema. In Phase 1, Cinedigm deployed 3724 screens at 348 sites for 18 exhibitors in the United States. In the current Phase 2, Cinedigm has signed contracts with 73 exhibitors to deploy more than 3,200 Screens.   Such theatres are fully networked, turnkey systems – simple and cost-efficient to operate. 
Cinedigm's Digital Cinema division is the industry-leading deployment program for Digital Cinema. It facilitates the funding, installation support and administration for the company's studio-supported Digital Cinema rollout plans.  Cinedigm is also the digital cinema integrator of choice for the CBG, a buying program of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) for small and independent theatre operators in United States and Canada.
Sonic Equipment Company Contacts:
Megan Hageman
Sonic Equipment Company
About Cinedigm: Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. is a leader in providing the services, experience, technology and content critical to transforming movie theaters into digital and networked entertainment centers. The Company partners with Hollywood movie studios, independent movie distributors, and exhibitors to bring movies in digital cinema format to audiences across the country. Cinedigm's digital cinema deployment organization, state of the art distributor and exhibition software, and marketing and distribution platform for alternative content and independent films are a cornerstone of the industry's digital cinema transformation. With the April acquisition of New Video, the world's largest aggregator of independent digital content and leading distributor of quality entertainment, CIDM has created a new full service end-to-end digital studio, enabling the Company to acquire and distribute independent films and specialty content both theatrically and via digital, mobile and home media platforms. Cinedigm Directory page About Sonic Equipment Company: Sonic Equipment Company is a total sales, service, consulting, remodeling and new construction company for motion picture exhibitors as well as a leading source for the installation and service of digital equipment. From building and equipping an entire theatre to diagnosing equipment problems, to finding and installing the replacement parts needed for customers’ projectors, Sonic Equipment Company has the resources, ability and desire to handle it all. The firm has installed systems across the country in more than 35 states. The Company currently services over 1200 screens around the nation. Sonic Equipment Company Directory page Sonic Equipment Company Web Site
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