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Digital Cinema Technology Jul. 26, 2017
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Rome—Sep 16, 2010

Eat Pray Love premieres in Rome using Sony Professional’s 4K digital projection system

“It has been our pleasure to bring this inspirational story to the big screen in 4K, and where better to reconnect with the joys of life than in the Eternal City.”
Photo: Sony SRX-R510DS Sony SRX-R510DS
Sony SRX-R510DS Photo: Sony SRX-R510DS SRX-R510DS
At today’s premiere of Sony Pictures’ Eat Pray Love, guests will enjoy watching the hugely anticipated film delivered using Sony Professional’s state-of-the-art Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection system. Featuring more than four times the resolution of traditional full HD systems, the 4K system has been installed in Rome’s premiere Cinema, the Space Cinema Moderno.

The film stars Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert, a modern woman who seemingly has everything - a husband, beautiful house and successful career – but finds herself lost, confused and searching for what she really wants in life. Following her divorce Liz decides to risk everything to change her life and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. She experiences the joy of food in Italy, the power of prayer in India, and finally and unexpectedly, the inner peace and balance of true love in Bali. Based on a true story, Eat Pray Love proves that there really is more than one way to let yourself go and see the world.
Following the premiere, Eat Pray Love will be released to cinemas worldwide as a 4K DCP (“Digital Cinema Package”). Standard 2K resolution systems will only be able to show the lower definition core, whereas audiences visiting venues equipped with Sony Digital Cinema 4K systems can enjoy the movie in its full glory, as it was meant to be seen.
As the world’s only manufacturer of commercially available 4K resolution digital cinema projectors, Sony Professional was selected by the studio to supply an end-to-end solution capable of providing viewers with a superior visual experience. The Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection system used for the screening is comprised of Sony Professional’s SRX-R320 Digital Cinema Projector, LMT-300 Media Block and LSM-100 Screen Management System Software.

Oliver Pasch, Head of Digital Cinema Europe at Sony Professional says, “Once again Sony is at the forefront of delivering an innovative cinematic experience. It has been our pleasure to bring this inspirational story to the big screen in 4K using our projection equipment, and where better to reconnect with the joys of life than in the Eternal City.”
Rory Bruer, President of Worldwide Distribution for Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing & Distribution, added, “Eat Pray Love is a remarkable story of re-discovering life and all it has to offer. Sony’s outstanding projector allows the viewer to share in the beauty of Liz Gilbert’s journey, capturing in great detail and clarity the life affirming experiences she enjoys along the way.”

Logo: Sony Digital Cinema About Sony Digital Cinema:
Sony Digital Cinema combines a full range of Sony technologies, alternative content offerings, training and service to provide a broad range of solutions for exhibitors. The world’s leading manufacturer of commercially available 4K resolution digital cinema projection systems, the group also offers Sony’s TMS (theatre management system); digital signage hardware, software and content development; security systems and Network Operations Centre (NOC) services for the exhibition community. 
Sony Digital Cinema Directory page Sony Digital Cinema Web Site About Sony UK PSE: Sony Professional, a division of Sony Europe, is the leading supplier of AV/IT solutions to businesses across a wide variety of sectors including, Media and Broadcast, Video Security and Retail, Transport & Large Venue markets. It delivers products, systems and applications to enable the creation, manipulation and distribution of digital audio-visual content that add value to businesses and their customers.  With over 25 years’ experience in delivering innovative market-leading products, Sony Professional is ideally placed to deliver exceptional quality and value to its customers. Sony's Professional Services division, its systems integration arm, offers its customers access to the expertise and local knowledge of skilled professionals across Europe. Collaborating with a network of established technology partners, Sony delivers end to end solutions that address the customer's needs, integrating software and systems to achieve each organisation’s individual business goals. Sony UK PSE Directory page
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