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GDC Technology Limited is a digital cinema solutions provider. GDC Technology develops, manufactures and sells digital cinema servers, content storage systems, theatre management systems and network operations center software for digital cinema. In addition, GDC is the appointed worldwide certification services agent, with exclusivity in Asia to certify DTS:X immersive sound auditoriums for DTS, Inc. GDC also provides a suite of digital cinema products and services, including integrated projection systems, 3D products, projector lamps and silver screens. GDC's subsidiary, GDC Digital Cinema Network Limited, manages VPF for approximately 5,000 theater screens and 250 motion picture distributors worldwide.


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CineAsia, Bangkok, Thailand—Nov 18, 2003

GDC Technology ships Integrated Digital Film Projection System

GDC Technology today announced the immediate availability of DSR™ Integrated Digital Film Projection System – featuring the world’s first 3-Chip DLP™ projector with integrated data storage and server.

GDC Technology has taken its D-Cinema technology one step further to develop the DFP2000 DSR™ Integrated Digital Film Projection System that provides a complete one-stop solution for digital screening in cinemas, auditoriums and lecture halls. Combining the high-quality 3-chip DLP™ projector, surround sound processor, theater automation and digital storage technologies into a single rack solution ensure the most cost-effective and reliable playback of film-quality images. Thanks to the integrated system, the DFP2000 system has a single large LCD touch-screen that allows the GUI to access and manage both the projector and content play-list. It also has the intelligence to automatically switch between 4:3, 1.83:1 and 2.35:1 aspect ratio according to the content without changing the lenses. Useful information such as the lamp-life status, total runtime and disk-storage capacity is accessible from the GUI. The integrated solution results in a lower ownership cost and seamlessly integrates with the existing theater audio system. No messy and expensive wiring work. Besides, the exhibitor will only need to rely on a single vendor for one-stop service and maintenance without making numerous phone calls to separate vendors.

The DFP2000 Integrated System is a rugged, robust and reliable integrated digital projection system with features like Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), redundant power supply and RAID storage. The dust-free design helps ensure that the system will continue to deliver crisp, sharp, film-quality images over an extended service life even in hash operating environment.

The DFP2000 Integrated System delivers 6000 ANSI lumens brightness and DLP™ quality images from a built-in, software-based server that performs decryption, decoding and subtitle rendering. GDC Technology has demonstrated its leadership in the D-Cinema industry by unveiling the world’s first publicly displayed 2K picture resolution, D-Cinema Server. To date, more than 70 servers have been sold to its customers in China, India and United States of America. GDC Technology has earned the title of market leader by actively identifying customers’ needs and by playing pivotal role in the market’s transformation.

The DFP2000 Integrated System is the first and only integrated system that fulfills all the digital screening requirements in a single rack solution. GDC Technology has delivered and installed its first DSR™ Integrated Digital Film Projection System to Cathay Cineplexes in Singapore and expects to ship tens of units to its worldwide customers before end of the year. Key features of DSR™ Integrated Digital Film Projection System:

  • D-Cinema picture quality   Intuitive VTR like touch-screen control or control remotely
  • Use RAID-1 for Data Storage and Operating System
  •   Scalable storage capacity
  • Rapid download of content via DSR™ Data Cartridge, DVB-ASI, DVB-IP or IP.
  • Receive and record multiple channel HDTV signals
  • Real-time decode of all the main HD formats used in today’s broadcasting environment
  • Playback MPEG2 4:2:2 images; far more realistic and lifelike images than conventional HD 4:2:0 systems
  • Secured content storage and conditional access system   6000 ANSI Lumens
  • 3-chip DLP with native 1280x1024 resolution (same resolution as today’s 1.3K DLP Cinema projector)
  • Offer cinematic experience for digital screening   Provide for angle and leveling adjustments
  • A single touch-screen control panel with comprehensive setup and diagnostic capabilities
  • Multilingual subtitle overlay feature
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • Option to install ISCO Optics lenses

GDC Technology Limited Contacts:
Media Contact:   Tony Adamson

GDC Technology Limited
Unit 1-7, 20th Floor, Kodak House II, 
39 Healthy Street East, North Point, Hong Kong 
Tel: + 852 2507 9555    Fax:+852 2579 1131

Logo: GDC Technology Limited
About GDC Technology Limited:
GDC Technology Limited (‘GDC’) is a leading digital cinema solutions provider. GDC develops, manufactures and sells media servers, content storage systems, theatre management systems and network operations center software for the global cinema industry. GDC is a licensee of the DTS:Xä object-based immersive sound technology from DTS, Inc. for the development of its media servers. In addition, GDC also provides a suite of digital cinema products and services, including integrated projection systems, 3D products, projector lamps and silver screens. Since 2009, GDC Digital Cinema Network Limited, a GDC subsidiary, has managed VPFs for over 6,300 theatre screens and with more than 650 studios or motion picture distributors worldwide.

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Products: GDC DFP-2500
Countries: Thailand

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