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USHIO manufactures the highest-quality digital cinema projection bulbs available. USHIO xenon short-arc lamps boast a spectrum that is closer to natural sunlight than that of any other artificial light source. In addition to commercializing products for search and spot lights, which demand precise, powerful white beam lamps, USHIO became the first in the world to develop a xenon short-arc lamp exclusively for large scale, theater-use movie projectors.

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CineAsia, Hong Kong—Dec 9, 2018

New LUMINITY Series by USHIO Saves the Xenon Heyday Worldwide

Superhero premiere at CineAsia 2018 reveals additional warranty hours to optimise xenon lamp lifetime across film theatres worldwide
USHIO, one of the largest and most trusted names in the manufacturing of high-pressure xenon lamps today, proudly introduces the LUMINITY series. LUMINITY is the result of a substantial R&D effort that extends the lifespan of numerous xenon lamps with additional working hours between 100-500 hours. 

This progress implies a significant operational update for theatre owners worldwide, as it reduces the lamp replacement frequency in projectors. In a market under technological pressure, USHIO wants to position LUMINITY (a contraction of lumen and infinity) as the superhero solution that helps theatre owners to optimise their movie rendering quality and services. LUMINITY will be commercially available worldwide as of December 10th, 2018, following its world premiere at CineAsia 2018, booth 107.
Future-proofing the present
Following the company’s long-standing reputation in market innovation, USHIO investigated the needs and wants of its worldwide customer base. Its existing xenon lamps quickly became a market favourite thanks to their long-standing reliability in terms of withstanding high pressure in cinema projectors regardless of operational circumstances. USHIO, therefore, invested in further R&D to optimise its front running innovative technology. The result is an extended lamp lifetime of xenon lamps, ranging from 100 to 500 additional hours depending on the lamps’ technical specifications. Movie theatres across the globe can now improve operational profitability, prolong functional rentability of their facilities, and saf    eguard the excellent quality rendition of movies true to the xenon tradition.
The superhero gospel at CineAsia
LUMINITY will be officially introduced at CineAsia, come December 10-13, 2018 in Hong Kong at booth 107.  At the booth, the USHIO LUMINITY team will showcase the technical specs and benefits of the xenon lamps and share tips and tricks on how to optimise ongoing rentability further down the technologically revolutionary road.
A committed future ahead
Mr. Naito, Managing Executive Officer of Ushio Inc., who amassed more than 25 years’ experience in Cinema industry, anticipates the success of the global launch: “People go to the movies to escape reality. Perfect rendition of the director’s vision is elementary. And although the revolution at hand waits for no man, neither do innovation and rentability. As an established supplier to those making the now happens, we invest in helping them secure a profitable present as they contemplate their future ahead. LUMINITY is the superhero that takes outstanding quality to the next super level. It’s another testament to our commitment to this industry to match quality and profitability.”
USHIO ensures full compatibility with all key projector manufacturers.  The LUMINITY series will be officially launched and available for worldwide commercial availability as of December 10th, 2018. Different lifetime extensions apply to different lamps. Contact your local suppliers for more product and commercial information.
For more information on LUMINITY, please visit
Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. The USHIO LUMINITY team is available for interviews and statement, please contact us to book a meeting/telephone slot.

Ushio America Contacts:
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Logo: Ushio America
About Ushio America: Ushio America, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Specialty and General Illumination lighting solutions based in Cypress, California. Established in 1967 as a subsidiary of Ushio Inc., in Tokyo, Japan, Ushio carries over 2,500 General Lighting and Specialty products. USHIO is the xenon lamp of choice for the digital cinema industry offering a full line of xenon lamps that are approved by Barco, NEC and Sony. Ushio also offers a washing system for cinema 3D glasses. For further information, visit Ushio America Directory page Ushio America Web Site

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May 27, 2016 Ushio and Vue Announce A 3-Year Strategic Partnership for Xenon-Lamps
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USHIO, the world-leading manufacturer of Xenon lamps, and VUE, one the largest cinema group in the world and a leader in the premium entertainment cinema sector, announced that they have established a strategic partnership aimed to enable future growth.

Apr 8, 2016 National Amusements Announces USHIO as Their Exclusive Worldwide Provider of Xenon Bulbs
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National Amusements, Inc. announces an exclusive agreement with Ushio Inc. National Amusements (d.b.a. Showcase Cinemas) and Ushio Inc. have reached an agreement whereby USHIO will become the sole provider of Xenon bulbs to all National Amusements theatres worldwide.

Mar 25, 2014 USHIO Announces New Digital Lamps for NEC Projectors
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USHIO, a leading lamp manufacturer of digital cinema projectors, is pleased to announce new lamp releases for NEC projectors. All NEC lamps are certified by NEC and perform at the highest level and quality. 

Sep 3, 2013 USHIO America, Inc. Introduces State-of-the-Art Kooptech Washer and Dryer System for 3D Glasses
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USHIO America Inc., is pleased to announce its alliance with Kooptech-Cinema for distribution in North and South America of their state-of-the-art 3D Glasses Washing and Drying System. The system’s flexibility accommodates all 3D Glasses Technologies available in the market today: IMAX, Dolby® 3D, Xpand, MasterImage, RealD, etc.

Apr 16, 2013 USHIO offers a full line of DXL lamps for BARCO DP2K-10Sx
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USHIO, the leading lamp manufacturer for digital cinema projectors, has the largest line-up of Xenon lamps for all brands and types of digital cinema projectors. All lamps are certified by the projector manufacturer.

Apr 23, 2012 Ushio “L・Series” Long Life Cinema Lamps Are A Cost Effective Solution for the Cinema Industry
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USHIO, a leading lamp manufacturer for cinema projectors, will be offering an new line-up of long life cinema lamps known as the “L・SERIES”. USHIO’s “L・SERIES” achieves an average operating life that is 30% longer than our current model.

Apr 23, 2012 Ushio Full Line-Up DXL-Series for NEC Digital Cinema Projectors
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USHIO, a leading lamp manufacturer for cinema projectors, has released a new line up of 1.2kw and 1.5kw cinema lamps for NEC digital cinema projectors, NC1200C, NC2000C, NC3200S and NC3240S. With these new lamps, USHIO is now able to offer the complete line of NEC lamps from 1.2kw-7kw.  All lamps are certified by NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
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