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4DX Grosses $250 Million at Worldwide Box Office, 20 Million in Worldwide Attendance for 2018 Best-Performing Attendance Record in 4DX History —Nov 6, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX (, the world’s leading 4D cinema company, announced that 4DX has broken new records with more than 20 million worldwide attendees in 2018. It will be the first time 4DX has reached the record high attendance – the fastest record since its debut in 2009 – reaching $250 million at the box office.  Read Full

CJ 4DPLEX Wins 2018 ShowEast “Innovator of the Year” for ScreenX —Oct 26, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX (, the world's leading cinema technology company, announced today that the Film Expo Group has selected the company for the ShowEast “Innovator of the Year.” The organization will present the award and honor Brandon Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX America, as a part of the ShowEast Awards Ceremony on Thursday, October 25 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel.  Read Full

Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” To Be Released in ScreenX Audiences to experience the Wizarding World™ as never before when the film opens worldwide in immersive ScreenX. —Oct 24, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX (, the world’s leading cinema technology company, announced today that one of the year’s most anticipated films, Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” will be released in ScreenX, bringing the Wizarding World™ to the big screen for the first time ever in the immersive, one-of-a-kind format. The all-new adventure comes to ScreenX theaters worldwide beginning November 16.  Read Full

MediaMation, Inc. (MMI) Expands MX4D® Global Footprint with Theatre in Austria Cineplexx Graz marks MMI’s first Austrian installation —Oct 9, 2018
Cineplexx Kinobetriebe GmbH has partnered with MMI to install the company’s first MX4D Motion EFX Theatre.  Read Full

Cineplex and CJ 4DPLEX Announce Strategic Partnership and Canadian Expansion Plans Companies Working Together to Open Up to 13 New 4DX Locations in Canada —Sep 19, 2018
Today CJ 4DPLEX, the world's leading cinema technology company, in partnership with Cineplex, a leading entertainment and media company, together announced a new agreement that will bring the 4DX experience to as many as 13 additional Cineplex locations across Canada over the coming years.  Read Full

Regal to Open First ScreenX Theatres in New York and San Francisco on September 6 Panoramic 270-Degree Cinematic Format to Debut with Warner Bros. Pictures' Horror Film The Nun —Sep 5, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX and Regal announced today that the latest ScreenX locations in the U.S. will open in New York City and San Francisco on Thursday, September 6. The launch will mark the first theatres in each of these cities to feature ScreenX, the premium, panoramic, 270-degree cinema environment that projects films on three walls of the auditorium. With these openings, ScreenX is to expand its domestic presence to seven locations.  Read Full

The Meg to Be Released in the Panoramic 270-Degree ScreenX Format Warner Bros. Pictures and ScreenX expand partnership to immerse audiences in one of the year’s most anticipated big-screen experiences this August —Jul 31, 2018
Warner Bros. Pictures and ScreenX, the world’s first multi-projection system that provides a 270-degree panoramic film viewing experience within a theatre setting, are expanding their ongoing partnership to release the epic, action-packed undersea adventure The Meg in the immersive premium format.  The film, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Gravity Pictures, dives into cinemas worldwide beginning August 10, 2018.  Read Full

ScreenX Comes to Switzerland For the First Time 3 ScreenX Theatres Open through Partnership with ARENA Cinemas —Jul 25, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX is continuing its robust global market expansion mandate for ScreenX by entering into new partnerships with the leading multiplex operators all over the world and opening new ScreenX sites through the strong partnerships with existing partners. In fact, just last month the company entered into a new partnership with Multinational cinema operator Cineworld Group to install ScreenX technology at 100 theatres in the U.S., U.K., and eight other international locations.

 Read Full

First ‘4DX with ScreenX’ in Europe Opens in France with Marvel Studios’ ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ 4DX with ScreenX’ Theatre Opening in Paris via Partnership with Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont on July 18th —Jul 18, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D company, is opening the first European ‘4DX with ScreenX’ theatre through a partnership with Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont. Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp in the ‘4DX with ScreenX’ format will debut in Paris, today, July 18th at the exhibitor’s Pathé Beaugrenelle multiplex.  Read Full

B&B Theatres to Open World’s Largest ScreenX Cinema Experience on July 12, Following Grand Opening Gala on July 11 Liberty, MO, Opening Marks First Time the Panoramic, 270-Degree Movie Environment is Available in the Midwest, and the First of Four New ScreenX Installations Planned Through 2019 at B&B Locations in the U.S. —Jul 9, 2018
ScreenX, the world's first multi-projection theatre technology designed to enhance the moviegoing experience, has literally never been bigger. On July 12 – in conjunction with the official grand opening of B&B Theatres’ newly-built, state-of-the-art, flagship Liberty 12 location in Liberty, MO – the largest ScreenX environment in the world will open to the public.  Read Full

CJ 4DPLEX and Reel Cinemas to Bring First ScreenX to the UAE through New Partnership ScreenX Set to Open at The Dubai Mall in the UAE This Year —Jun 14, 2018
At CineEurope this week, CJ 4DPLEX announced a new partnership with Reel Cinemas, the ultimate destination for movie-lovers in the UAE by Emaar Entertainment, to bring the first ScreenX – the world’s first multi-projection system that provides a 270-degree panoramic film viewing experience within a theatre setting – to the UAE. It will be among the first ScreenX screens ever in the Middle East.  Read Full

Cineworld to Launch 100 ScreenX Locations Across the U.S. and Europe, Marking Significant Expansion of the Immersive Movie Environment Immersive 270-Degree Theatre Technology to be Installed in 10 Different Markets Worldwide —Jun 13, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX has announced today a partnership with Cineworld Group to open 100 ScreenX locations at its theatres in the next few years. This agreement, which marks a major milestone for both companies, will include installing the multi-projection cinematic system in 10 different countries: U.S., U.K., Israel and seven other European countries.  Read Full

Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp Set for Release in Panoramic ScreenX Format Shrinking Superhero Expands Beyond the Main Screen to the Auditorium Walls as Latest Marvel Cinematic Universe Film Comes to Theatres This Summer —Jun 12, 2018
The Walt Disney Studios and ScreenX have set Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp for a release in the panoramic, premium cinema technology format, it was announced at CineEurope in Barcelona, Spain. Ant-Man and The Wasp is set to premiere around the world beginning July 4.  Read Full

ScreenX to Debut in Middle East through New Partnership with KNCC First ScreenX Screen Coming to Kuwait This Year —Jun 12, 2018
At CineEurope this week, CJ 4DPLEX announced a new partnership with KNCC (Kuwait National Cinema Company) to bring ScreenX – the world’s first multi-projection system that provides a 270-degree panoramic film viewing experience within a theatre setting – to the Middle East. This partnership will bring the very first ScreenX screen to Kuwait. CineEurope takes place from June 11-14 in Barcelona, Spain.  Read Full

4DX Hits 10 Million Audience in Five Months – the Shortest Time Period to Reach This Milestone – as 2018 Continues to be a Record-Breaking Year —Jun 4, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX, the world's first and largest 4D cinema company, continues to break records in 2018. With May having come to a close, global 4DX attendance has passed 10 million attendees through the first five months of the year – the quickest to reach this milestone in history.  Read Full

Avengers: Infinity War Sets New Records in 4DX Marvel Studios Blockbuster Becomes the First Film Released in the Innovative Cinematic Format to Reach 2 Million Attendees —May 31, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D cinema company, today revealed that Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War has reached 2 million in attendance across 59 countries. This breaks the record for highest-attendance 4DX film to date.  Read Full

Three 4DX Blockbusters Top the 1 Million Tickets Sold Mark in Three Months The Innovative Movie Theatre Drew Record Attendance with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Black Panther —May 7, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D company, is wrapping up a successful run at the box office. Since 4DX debuted in 2009, more than 520 Hollywood titles have screened in the premium format that features motion seats and environmental effects such as wind, water, light, fog and scent. This is the first time ever that in a three-month period, three titles have each passed the one million global attendee mark.  Read Full

CJ 4DPLEX Announces New Deal with Silverbird Cinemas to Bring First 4DX Theatre to Nigeria Agreement Brings Two 4DX Theatres to the Country with the First to Open at the Highest Grossing Theatre in West Africa —Apr 25, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX Announced today at CinemaCon 2018, as the convention wraps up, a new partnership with Silverbird Cinemas, which will bring the first 4DX site to Nigeria. The 4DX theatre will be located at the exhibitor’s Ikeja location – the highest-grossing cinema in West Africa. The second 4DX site will be opened in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.  Read Full

CJ 4DPLEX and B&B Theatres Strike Deal to Open Four ScreenX Theatres by 2019 First ScreenX System Installed at New Flagship Theater Location in Liberty, Missouri to Become Largest in the World —Apr 24, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX, the company behind the innovative cinema technologies 4DX and ScreenX, and B&B Theatres, the seventh largest exhibitor in the world, have partnered to bring four ScreenX screens to the cinema operator's locations.  Read Full

CJ 4DPLEX and Cineworld Group plc Partner to Bring 145 4DX Locations Across U.S. and Europe 85 4DX Locations in the U.S. and 60 in European Nations to be Accumulated in the New International Rollout Plan, Across Regal Entertainment, Cineworld Cinemas and Cinema City Venues —Apr 23, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D cinema company, and Cineworld Group plc have expanded their partnership to bring the immersive 4DX technology to theatres across the U.S. and EMEA regions. As a result of this agreement, there will be 145 total 4DX auditoriums across Cineworld Group's worldwide footprint, adding 79 Regal Entertainment locations in the U.S and 20 Cineworld Cinemas and Cinema City theatres across Europe and the Middle East.  Read Full

“4DX with ScreenX” Wins Big and Takes Home Silver at the Edison Awards in NYC —Apr 12, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX has won a Silver award, given to its new concept, “4DX with ScreenX,” at this year’s Edison Awards.  Honoring state-of-the-art products and innovation around the world, the Edison Awards recognized “4DX with ScreenX” in the Media and Visual Communication – Entertainment category at a ceremony last night in New York City. Among the other two candidates for the award were Fusion by GoPro and Nvidia ShieldTv by Nvidia
 Read Full

Industry-Leading Cinema Technology 4DX Hits Record-Setting 500 Screen Milestone Pathe Belle-Epine Cinema Honored at Opening Ceremony for 500th 4DX Screen —Apr 3, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D company, has reached the 500th 4DX screen milestone with the launch of its newest location at Pathé Belle Épine Cinema inThiais, France. The first film screening in 4DX at this location is Ready Player One - an ideal showcase for the innovative film technology that features motion seats and environmental effects such as rain, fog and various scents.  Read Full

“4DX with ScreenX” to Make Worldwide Debut at CinemaCon 2018, Opening a New Chapter in Cinematic Innovation Immersive Cinema Technology Company CJ 4DPLEX Reveals Vision for the Future of Theatre Exhibition including “4DX VR Cinema” —Mar 21, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D company, is launching “4DX with ScreenX” to create the next revolution of immersive cinema. A combination of the fast-growing 4DX and ScreenX cinema formats, the new concept is being showcased in the U.S. for the first time at CinemaCon, taking place April 23-26 in Las Vegas.  Read Full

“4DX with ScreenX” Announced as Edison Award Finalist First Look at the Innovative New Format by CJ 4DPLEX Available in South Korea —Feb 15, 2018
4DX with ScreenX, the cutting-edge format developed by CJ 4DPLEX, is among the contenders for the top prize in the Media and Visual Communication – Entertainment category at this year’s Edison Awards. The annual awards, which recognize the most innovative new products in the world, will be held on April 11th in New York City.  Read Full

“Black Panther” to Become First Marvel Studios Film to be Released in the ScreenX Format Newest Marvel Studios Release to be Available in the Immersive, 270-degree, Panoramic Format at 101 Locations across Eight Different Countries —Feb 12, 2018
ScreenX, the world’s first multi-projection system that provides a 270-degree panoramic film viewing experience within a theatre setting, announced today that Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” will be featured in the stunning ScreenX format.  Read Full

Following Strong Box Office Results Coast-to-Coast, CJ 4DPLEX and Regal Expand 4DX U.S. Roll-Out Plan with Washington, D.C. as Newest Opening 3.5 Years After 4DX U.S. Debut in Los Angeles, Successful Innovative Cinema Technology Bringing Motion Seats and Environmental Effects to Moviegoers Across the Country – Including in Atlanta, Chicago and Houston —Jan 10, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX  Read Full

CJ 4DPLEX and Cinépolis Reveal Seven Locations of Next 4DX Theatres to Open in 2018 Next 4DX Auditorium of Set to Debut in Mexicali, in Mexico on January 15 —Jan 3, 2018
CJ 4DPLEX today announced the locations of the next four 4DX theatre locations to open as part of its agreement with Cinépolis. The next 4DX theatre part of the agreement will open in Mexicali, Mexico on January 15, bringing the total number of 4DX sites in Mexico to 31.  Read Full

Les Cinemas Gaumont Pathe Increases 4Dx Roll Out Commitment to 50 Theatres Via Expanded Partnership European Growth of Immersive Cinema Technology from CJ 4DPLEX Continues with New Locations Planned in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium by 2020 —Dec 22, 2017
CJ 4DPLEX has today announced an expanded partnership with Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé, through which they will open at least 50 4DX locations by 2020 in Europe.  Read Full

4DX Forms New Partnership with Malaysia’s Golden Screen Cinemas And Signs Strategic Deal with PVR Cinemas to Launch Another Sixteen 4DX Screens in India New Deals Announced at CineAsia 2017 Part of Innovated Cinema Tech Company’s Overall Growth on the Continent —Dec 14, 2017
CJ 4DPLEX, an innovative cinema technology featuring moving seats and environmental effects has strengthened its hold on the Asian market by signing a binding MOU (memorandum of understanding) for a partnership with Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) in Malaysia and by agreeing to a new agreement with PVR Cinemas. The announcement was made at the CineAsia trade show being held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, December 11-14, 2017.  Read Full

4DX Lands in Switzerland through Partnership with KITAG CINEMAS Continuing Rapid European Expansion Blockbuster Movies Screened in 4DX Outperform Average Occupancy Rate of 4DX Theatres Globally —Nov 20, 2017
CJ 4DPLEX has today announced that 4DX - the world's first and leading 4D cinema technology for feature films – has partnered with the innovative cinema exhibitor, KITAG CINEMAS. The cinema operator is the largest in German-speaking Switzerland with 85 screens and 17,000 seats at the following locations: Basel, Bern, Biel, Lucerne, Emmenbrück/LU, St. Gallen, Abtwil/SG, Winterthur and Zurich. The new 4DX auditorium will be located at KITAG CINEMAS Abaton in Zurich – which has 12 auditoriums with a total of 1,759 seats. It is scheduled to open before the end of the year.  Read Full

CJ 4DPLEX to Debut New 4DX VR Product at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017 Innovative Cinema and Attractions Company to Showcase Newest Motion Tech and VR Innovations —Nov 13, 2017
Innovative entertainment technology leader CJ 4DPLEX today announced that it will showcase for the first time to the public the new 4DX VR Disk unit at IAAPA Attractions Expo (IAE) 2017. CJ 4DPLEX will also be showcasing the best-selling 4DX VR Ride, 4DX VR Sway and Twist, and an upgraded version of its 4DX VR Racing unit. All visitors to CJ 4DPLEX’ booth (#2247) at IAE 2017 will experience a collection of adventure VR content including a roller coaster, a monster game, car racing, spacecraft rides, and rickshaw rides in each of the 4 types of 4DX VR offerings.  Read Full
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