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Costa Mesa, CA—Oct 12, 2016

QSC Announces DPM Series Digital Processor/Monitors

QSC announces the new DPM Series of digital signal processors/monitors. 
DPM is a powerful audio signal processing solution for today’s D-Cinema audio systems. The DPM builds on the legacy of QSC’s DCM and DCP products to provide all signal processing and monitoring functions for Digital Cinema in a single integrated system. Designed to be used with QSC’s Digital Cinema Amplifiers (DCA) and featuring advanced Intrinsic Correction™ settings for QSC’s Digital Cinema Speakers, the DPM optimizes QSC loudspeaker and amplifier performance while simplifying cinema sound system wiring and configuration. 
The DPM is configurable for passive or bi-amp operation for 5.1 or 7.1 systems.  Two models are available: DPM 100 and DPM 100H (with HDMI in/out and Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby® Surround 7.1, and DTS-HD® decoding) for non-sync and alternative content sources.
“Since we introduced the first DSP-based cinema crossover with built-in booth monitor almost 17 years ago, cinema operators have appreciated the multifunction capability and feature set that our DCM Series offered,” says Mark Mayfield, Director of Global Cinema Marketing and Product Manager for QSC Cinema Products.   “Technology has changed dramatically since then. 

Digital cinema has redefined the requirements of audio signal processors; crossovers, equalization, monitoring, sophisticated processing tailored to specific loudspeakers, and alternative digital audio format decoding are just a few of the new must-haves today.  The new DPM models offer all of this and more in a compact two-rackspace design at a very cost effective price point.”
The DPM Series processors will be introduced at ShowEast 2016 at the QSC booth 413.

QSC Contacts: Danny Pickett, 
Director, Global Cinema Sales

Mark Mayfield, 
Director, Global Cinema Marketing 
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Logo: QSC, LLC About QSC, LLC: QSC is a globally recognized manufacturer of audio, video, and control solutions for all commercial applications. QSC Cinema offers the industry’s most comprehensive catalog of cinema solutions including signal processing, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, accessibility solutions, and test/measurement equipment.  Supported by a team of knowledgeable and highly experienced cinema professionals, QSC Cinema provides optimized system solutions for rooms of any size, sound format, and budget. QSC, LLC Directory page QSC, LLC Web Site

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