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Barcelona—Jun 17, 2014

Cinema Equipment and Supplies Announces the Beta Testing Phase of Their Patent Pending Software Application, Cielo

Cielo, the patent pending software application from Cinema Equipment and Supplies (CE+S) launched its private beta testing phase at CineEurope in Barcelona. This revolutionary cinema management software allows users to manage their cinema circuit from anywhere with an internet connected device. Cielo debuted at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and the list of interested screens has grown to over 31,000 internationally and continues to expand. 
“The response to Cielo has been incredible – beyond our expectations,” expressed Guillermo Younger, Jr., Head of Product Development for CE+S. “We have this ambitious goal of giving cinema managers the ability to manage their cinemas from anywhere and now that our beta testing period is live, we’re nearly there.” 
Revolutionizing Cinema Operations
Cielo optimizes cinema operations by facilitating transparent and synchronous communication between a cinema’s NOC, Manager, and Technician. 
Cielo integrates with the cinema's Network Operations Center (NOC), gathers data, and displays immediately actionable alerts to the cinema manager or owner to ensure efficient asset and consumable updates, resulting in less downtime. This streamlined communication does not require the manager to be on site, giving them the power to oversee their cinema operations from anywhere .

Cielo’s Private Beta Testing Phase
The beta testing phase launched with new features including: 
  • Circuit wide monitoring: giving the cinema owner a bird’s eye view of the status of every screen in their circuit 
  • Add photo attachment to in-application NOC support tickets: simplify troubleshooting and problem solving 
  • Feature View: show playlist and content playlist status 
  • KDM Management View 
The Beta Testers
Throughout beta testing select cinemas will immerse themselves in Cielo, engaging in a constant cycle of feedback with the Cielo team. This feedback will directly impact future iterations of the product. 
Your Cinema and Cielo
To see if your cinema qualifies for the next wave of Cielo beta testing, visit the Cielo Booth at CineEurope: Booth 712, or contact 
To keep up with the progress of the Cielo beta testing period, sign up for the Cielo Insiders newsletter: 
About Cinema Equipment and Supplies:
A global leader in the industry, CE+S has installed over 1,500 digital cinema systems in over 17 countries. As industry innovators, CE+S was the first provider to offer remote monitoring services in Latin America with the launch of Cinevise in 2009. In 2014 CE+S announced the launch of Cielo, a revolutionary software application that allows users to manage their cinema from anywhere. With over 1,000 screens under Cinevise remote monitoring and the announcement of Cielo, CE+S continues bringing its market-leading expertise in digital solutions and technology to the cinema industry.
Logo: Cinema Equipment and Supplies About Cinema Equipment and Supplies: Cinema Equipment and Supplies (CE+S) is the undisputed global leader in digital cinema solutions. For the past 30 years, CE+S has been a pioneer in delivering first-in-market innovative technology, and its certified technicians have deployed over 1,500 digital cinema systems worldwide. In 2009, CE+S created the first home-grown tech support solution in Latin America, and in 2015 it revolutionized the movie industry with the launch of CIELO, a first-of-a-kind, cloud-based, remote monitoring and technical support platform developed for the Internet of Things (IoT) era. Cinema Equipment and Supplies Directory page Cinema Equipment and Supplies Web Site Logo: Cielo About Cielo: Cielo is a cloud-based, remote monitoring and technical support platform developed by Cinema Equipment and Supplies (CE+S), the undisputed global leader in digital cinema solutions. Launched in 2015, Cielo is the pioneer platform in the Internet of Things (IoT) era for the movie industry, providing customers with circuit-wide visibility into their theater operations, anytime and anywhere, from the palm of their hands. Cielo’s one-stop mobile management capabilities include remote monitoring, real-time reporting and alerts, rapid-response technical support, and advanced visibility features that allow clients to increase business efficiencies and provide superior customer experience to their movie theater audiences. Cielo Directory page Cielo Web Site
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