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Miami—Aug 15, 2014

Patent-Pending Software Application, Cielo, to Launch New Features at ShowSouth

Cielo enables cinema managers and owners to manage their cinemas from their charity golf tournaments to their kids’s sporting events with any internet connected device. Since the launch of the software application’s beta testing phase, the development team has received valuable feedback from exhibitors and will launch brand new Cielo features and feature updates at ShowSouth in Atlanta.

New Features Previously Announced at CineEurope
At CineEurope in Barcelona, Cinema Equipment and Supplies officially launched the Cielo beta testing phase; a risk free trial period where cinema owners use Cielo to manage their cinema operations from anywhere with any internet connected device. Included in the beta release were: 
  • Circuit wide monitoring: giving the cinema owner a bird’s eye view of the status of every screen in their circuit.  
  • Add photo attachment to in-application NOC support tickets: simplify troubleshooting and problem solving. 
  • Feature View: show playlist and content playlist status.
New Features and Feature Updates At ShowSouth in Atlanta
The Cielo team listened to Exhibitor needs expressed at CineEurope and via US customer engagements. 

This feedback influenced the new feature set and updates being demoed August 19th ShowSouth in Atlanta, GA:
  • SMS and email alerts: Cielo sends SMS and email alerts to keep communication of alerts seamless, transparent and in realtime.
  • KDM Management View Update: The “Renew Key” button communicates the cinema manager’s request directly to their distributor.
  • Provide Feedback on Cielo within Cielo. The beta tester is part of the development team with the click of a Feedback button. Praise, complaints, and general comments can now be sent from within the application. 
Worldwide Growth
Interest in Cielo has grown to over 35,000 screens worldwide from Brazil to South Korea. 

Experience the new Cielo features at Booth 29 at ShowSouth and/or sign up to learn more here:

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Cielo Contacts:
Guillermo Younger

Logo: CES+ About CES+: CES+ is the premier partner in cinema solutions. For the past 35 years has been a pioneer delivering innovative first-in-market technology and will revolutionize the industry with his one-of-a-kind Cinema-as-a-Service solution offering to become the disruptive facilitator of the evolution of the modern movie theater operation. CES+ is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and serves clients globally. CES+ Directory page CES+ Web Site Logo: Cielo About Cielo: Cielo is a cloud-based, remote monitoring and technical support platform developed by Cinema Equipment and Supplies (CE+S), the undisputed global leader in digital cinema solutions. Launched in 2015, Cielo is the pioneer platform in the Internet of Things (IoT) era for the movie industry, providing customers with circuit-wide visibility into their theater operations, anytime and anywhere, from the palm of their hands. Cielo’s one-stop mobile management capabilities include remote monitoring, real-time reporting and alerts, rapid-response technical support, and advanced visibility features that allow clients to increase business efficiencies and provide superior customer experience to their movie theater audiences. Cielo Directory page Cielo Web Site

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