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GDC Technology is a leading manufacturer and provider of cinema equipment and solutions including cinema automation systems, cinema servers, cinema enterprise software, cinema storage, cinema audio solutions, and cinema projectors that meet the highly demanding performance, security and reliability requirements established by motion picture studios.

Christie is a leader in visual solutions for world-class organizations, offering diverse applications for business, entertainment, and industry. A leading innovator in film projection since 1929 and a pioneer in projection systems since 1979, Christie has established a global reputation as a total service provider and the world's single source manufacturer of a variety of display technologies and solutions. Christie offers comprehensive solutions for cinema, large audience venues, control rooms, business presentations, training facilities, 3D and Virtual Reality, simulation and education as well as industrial and government environments.

QSC is the global leader in cinema signal processing, power amplifiers, and loudspeakers for all applications within today's modern cinema entertainment center. Our “SystemSynergy” design approach ensures that the entire system, from source to sound, delivers an audio experience as intended by the filmmakers. Beyond cinema audio for the movies, QSC also provides complete audio systems with network control and monitoring for other areas in the cinema entertainment complex, such as lobbies, concession, food service, arcades, and bowling centers.

Strong Cinema, a segment of Ballantyne Strong, Inc., consists of:

Strong Technical Services (STS) that offers a comprehensive suite of cinema-focused services, including installation, maintenance, and technical support, to exhibitors throughout the United States.

Strong/MDI Screen Systems Inc. one of the world's leading cinema screen manufacturers that produces and sells specialty screens, screen support structures, and other film exhibition equipment for customers globally.  

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These days, it’s no longer just about technology, it’s about experiences – WOW experiences. We are a team of cinema and technology experts from around the globe – Barco, ALPD, and CGS – who help you in creating surprising experiences.  We combine innovative cinema technologies with our unique and comprehensive service models to guarantee your peace of mind. So you can focus on new ways to surprise and delight your customers for years to come. Together, we engage to deliver a world-class cinema experience - the one you’ve been waiting for.

USHIO manufactures the highest-quality digital cinema projection bulbs available. USHIO xenon short-arc lamps boast a spectrum that is closer to natural sunlight than that of any other artificial light source. In addition to commercializing products for search and spot lights, which demand precise, powerful white beam lamps, USHIO became the first in the world to develop a xenon short-arc lamp exclusively for large scale, theater-use movie projectors.

SHARP NEC Display Solutions’ Digital Cinema Projector Series offers the most comprehensive digital cinema solution on the market today. These 3D-capable models enable theaters to deliver stunning digital images regardless of screen size, while simplifying theater management and reducing costs. All of SHARP NEC's digital cinema projectors meet DCI specifications for performance and reliability, meeting the requirements of today’s cinema industry. SHARP NEC also offers full digital signage solutions, highlighted by its award-winning 32”-98” LCD displays, multimedia projectors and desktop monitors for lobbies, concessions and concourses.

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is the global leader in digital cinema software and services, offering a wide range of solutions which help exhibitors to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the cinematic experience for their customers.

AAM’s extensive portfolio, including Producer, Screenwriter, Lifeguard, MX4D, and HeyLED, touches over 42,000 screens worldwide, while their network operations centre (NOC) supports several thousand screens.

AAM is part of the Luxin-Rio Group, the world’s foremost cinema technologies provider.

Industry Partners

The International Cinema Technology Association is a global network of professionals in the motion picture industry. Members of the ICTA are those companies that manufacture, service and create the equipment that goes into movie theatres. Our members are on the cutting edge of new technologies and have been the driving force in digital, 3D, immersive sound systems, high frame rates and lasers. The ICTA promotes technological advancements in the motion picture industry through educational seminars and programs. The ICTA logo stands for excellence and professionalism and when on a member’s letterhead signifies that the company is reliable, competent and committed.

The EDCF is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation that aims to act as a "Forum" to discuss key issues surrounding Digital Cinema in Europe. The purpose of EDCF is to provide a basis of common understanding across all European territories of the business and technical matters of digital cinema. 

The Union Internationale des Cinémas/International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) represents the interests of cinema trade associations and cinema operators covering 37 countries in Europe and neighboring regions.​ ​

For more than a century, the people of SMPTE (pronounced “simp-tee”) have sorted out the details of many significant advances in media and entertainment technology, from the introduction of “talkies” and color television to HD and UHD (4K, 8K) TV. Since its founding in 1916, SMPTE has received an Oscar® and multiple Emmy® Awards for its work in advancing moving-imagery engineering across the industry. 

The Inter-Society for the Enhancement of Cinema Presentation, Inc. promotes interactive dialogue and information exchange between cinema-related entities with the goal of resolving issues affecting the overall cinema presentation. Founded in 1978 by Eastman Kodak VP Ken Mason, membership is composed of its four charter trade organizations - International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) - along with over 40 member companies, made up of trade organizations, motion picture studios, exhibition companies, manufacturers, technical consultants, and other industry stakeholders.

Shows & Events

CineEurope 2022, has been scheduled for June 20-23, 2022 in Barcelona.  CineEurope promises to bring you another year with the very best in exclusive studio screenings and product presentations, cinematic technologies and innovations and educational seminars to keep your business on top of industry trends.

CinemaCon 2023 has been scheduled for 24-27 April 2023 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  Check the links below for the latest information. 

ShowEast 2022 scheduled to be held in Miami from Oct 17-20, 2022 at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, features a range of exclusive product presentations and screenings from both Independent and Major Hollywood studios to help you make important programming decisions for the 4th quarter box office.  Powerhouse seminars offer valuable insight from top executives on the latest industry trends and concerns; while our EXPO experience offers delegates a glance at the latest and best technologies, entertainment, services, comforts, and conveniences to make their theatres must-attend destinations.  ShowEast’s International program draws a large contingency of Latin and South American delegates – more than any other convention of its kind. A one and a half day program dedicated to the latest content and concerns and within this rising region.

CineAsia 2022 has been scheduled for Dec 5-8, 2022 in Bangkok.  Check links for more information.  The CineAsia trade show is where cinema exhibition and distribution professional come to do business and network. The convention will also feature product presentations and screenings of major upcoming films, exclusive sponsored events, and seminars relating to current and future trends happening across the industry.  Additional information on CineAsia can be found at

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Netherlands—Sep 20, 2004

European Docuzone Announces Eight Documentaries Selected for Opening Weekend and Reveals Name Change to Cinemanet Europe

Highlight is ‘Peace One Day’
European DocuZone (EDZ) today announced that it is changing its name to CinemaNet Europe. It also unveiled the programme for its opening showcase when the world’s largest digital film network goes live across Europe the weekend of November 12th,13th and 14th, 2004. The headline film is the critically acclaimed ‘Peace One Day’ from the UK, which will open as pan-European premiere across all nine countries with a satellite-linked Q&A with the director.

Other highlights include the Emmy award-winning Slovakian film ‘The Power of Good’; the award-winning Dutch production ‘The Damned and the Sacred’; and an upcoming HD production, The White Diamond, by Werner Herzog of Germany.

The name change to CinemaNet Europe reflects a long term objective of distributing all types of specialist films, including shorts, low-budget features and animation, in addition to the original focus on documentaries. It also communicates the importance of the organisation’s network of digital cinemas across Europe.

CinemaNet Europe is transforming over 180 independent cinemas into digital cinemas in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and the UK. In addition to locally produced films in each country, CinemaNet Europe will distribute at least 12 European documentary films in the first year. The films are selected by an international jury representing partners from every country. This is the first time these films will have been subtitled and distributed across Europe.

“’Fahrenheit 9/11’ and ‘Touching the Voi’d demonstrated that documentaries can be more dramatic, entertaining and humorous than formulaic Hollywood fiction. We are building on this groundswell to introduce the best of European documentaries to new audiences,” said Kees Ryninks, managing director of CinemaNet Europe. “With the recent reductions in the cost of digital cinema technology it is now cost-effective to distribute digital films by satellite and screen them on high quality digital projectors.”

For the first time, specialist films will be able to open as pan-European premieres simultaneously across over 180 cinemas with a satellite-linked Q&A with the director. "It is every filmmaker’s dream to have their work exhibited internationally and to be seen by the widest possible audience. CinemaNet Europe is a ground-breaking initiative and for ‘Peace One Day to be the opening film of this launch year is a tremendous honour," said Jeremy Gilley, director of ‘Peace One Day’.

“I have been known as a vocal opponent of digital cinema,” commented Jos De Putter, the Dutch director of ‘The Damned and The Sacred’ also known as ‘Dans, Grozny Dans’. “But the launch of CinemaNet Europe is an interesting development. This digital cinema network could provide a major boost for specialist European filmmakers and audiences alike.”

The eight films selected reflect the diverse range of themes covered by contemporary European documentaries – from history to sports and music – and set a high standard for the quality of films CinemaNet Europe will distribute in the future:






‘Peace One Day’ 





This documentary charts the remarkable five-year journey of the filmmaker as he meets heads of state, Noble Peace Laureates, aid agencies, freedom fighters, media moguls, the innocent victims of war and, eventually, everyone who was anyone at the UN.

An individual genuinely can make a difference: the film documented and inspired the establishment of the United Nations International Day of Peace as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, now 21st September annually.


The Film received its World Premiere at The Edinburgh International Film Festival, August 2004 and will launch in the US in September.


Language: English

Director: Jeremy Gilley

80 mins. Digital Betacam





‘Nicholas Winton –

The Power of Good‘




The documentary tells the story of British stockbroker Nicholas Winton, ‘The British Schindler,’ who saved 669 Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, bringing them across Hitler's Germany to the UK.


Winner of 2002 International Emmy Award for outstanding documentary program.


Language: English

Director: Matej Minác

62 mins. 35mm Dolby Digital Betacam





‘The White Diamond’





Twelve years ago an airship engineer met his death while flying his helium-filled invention observing the wildlife in the tree tops in the heart of the jungle of Guyana. In the summer of 2004, Werner Herzog returns to embark on a similar high-risk expedition in airship.


Language: English

Director: Werner Herzog

90 mins; HD





‘The Damned and The Sacred’ or ‘Dans, Grozny Dans’


The Netherlands

Socio-political, dance and music

This film follows a children’s dance ensemble, aged between six and sixteen, from the ravaged Chechnyan city of Grozny. In the midst of devastation they practice their dances based on social and cultural patterns dating back centuries and tour the radically different world of western Europe.


This film has won five international film festivals.


Language : Czech, Russian

Director: Jos De Putter

75 mins; HD





‘I am from nowhere’




This film investigates the effect of the extensive media attention on the village of Miková, Eastern Slovakia. The reason for the interest in the population of 150 is that Andy Warhol’s family emigrated from Miková, playing on Warhol's legendary 15 minutes of fame.


Language: Slovakian


Director: Georg Misch 

80 mins; Digital Betacam




‘My Louis Armstrong Years’




Glinda, and her prodigy 13-year old son, Chantz, from Mississippi spend their life on the road. He plays the trumpet and dances in the street and subway and on the world's most prestigious stages. The love-hate relationship between mother and son spices the film with conflict and tenderness.


Language: English

Director: Mohamed Kounda

85 mins. Digital Betacam








Family Drama


Award-winning film about a son trying to understand the troubled past of his mother, Fleurette, 79 years old. Despite her resistance to answer questions, little by little she reveals secrets of voluntarily forgotten events.


Language: Portuguese

Director: Sérgio Tréfaut


80 mins





‘Bola de Nieve’




Documentary about Cuban pianist and singer Bola de Nieve “Snowball” aka Ignácio Villa, black, homosexual, mystic, pro-revolution and, above all, musician. One of the Latin-American myths of the 20th Century.


Language: Spanish

Director: José Sánchez-Montes

73 mins


About DocuZone : DocuZone Directory page
About CinemaNet Europe : European DocuZone (EDZ) is transforming 180 independent European cinemas into digital cinemas that receive films by satellite. DocuZone in the Netherlands has distributed documentary films digitally since 2002, offering audiences a broader selection of films and cutting costs. In its first year, attendance figures from the ten cinemas beat expectations by 50 percent. Interest from other countries led to the creation of the EDZ network in 2003. CinemaNet Europe Directory page

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