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QSC is the global leader in cinema signal processing, power amplifiers, and loudspeakers for all applications within today's modern cinema entertainment center. Our “SystemSynergy” design approach ensures that the entire system, from source to sound, delivers an audio experience as intended by the filmmakers. Beyond cinema audio for the movies, QSC also provides complete audio systems with network control and monitoring for other areas in the cinema entertainment complex, such as lobbies, concession, food service, arcades, and bowling centers.

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Costa Mesa/Signal Hill—Apr 25, 2018

QSC & Adaptive Technologies Group Tackle Big Room Immersive Sound at CinemaCon

Two leading cinema equipment manufacturers collaborate on enhancing the Colosseum’s immersive sound experience at CinemaCon
QSC, a leading global manufacturer of cinema solutions, and Adaptive Technologies group, a provider of professional installed audio and video solutions, teamed up as part of the effort to temporarily convert the Colosseum at Caesars Palace into one of the largest cinemas equipped with Dolby Atmos immersive sound.
CinemaCon is a global tradeshow geared specifically for the motion picture theatre owner. The show expects to attract more than five thousand industry professionals. The Colosseum is where multiple studios promote their upcoming releases to the world’s theatre operators.

One of the great challenges inherent with a project of this magnitude is temporarily and safely installing all of the required overhead surround loudspeakers high above the floor without impeding sightlines for patrons sitting in the upper mezzanines. This year at CinemaCon, it was decided to raise the trusses (to which the overhead loudspeakers are attached) even higher to a “trim height” of 70 feet off the floor, to minimize visual obstruction for the upper level seating areas.
At that distance, even very high power cinema surround loudspeakers would lose pattern control and sound pressure level at the floor seating area, to the point where it would be difficult to meet the Dolby Atmos specification for SPL and coverage. 
Fortunately, the extensive QSC loudspeaker catalog offered a solution. Sixteen pairs (32 loudspeakers in all) of WL2102-w WideLine-10 loudspeakers are clustered together, each pair operating as a single unit. The big challenge was that a pair of these speakers weighs over 160 pounds, and there exists no bracket that can support that kind of weight and also offer the precise aiming angle required to create the narrow vertical pattern of the combined unit.  Working with Adaptive Technologies Group, a custom yoke-style bracket was designed that could safely support the load.
“Adding sixteen small line array clusters to the system created a level of complexity that rippled through the entire system design,” says Jon Graves, QSC product manager and the project leader for the audio system in the Colosseum at CinemaCon. “In order to accommodate all of these loudspeakers in their new positions, we had to re-engineer the Q-SYS network and add up to 77,000 more watts of power.”
The ultimate solution now uses two long ceiling trusses running front to back, with each truss suspending eight pairs of the WideLine-10 loudspeakers working as Dolby Atmos overhead surrounds.

“When Jon Graves approached us a few months ago, we didn’t hesitate one second to come up with the best suitable solution for this impressive temporary Dolby Atmos installation,” said Olivier Frans, Global Cinema Solutions Manager at Adaptive Technologies Group. “We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with QSC and CinemaCon to make this extraordinary immersive sound experience happen.”

Adaptive Engineers designed an adjustable yoke mount that supports two speakers from one single point. Since minimal mounting points were available they had to use the M6 inserts on both top and bottom of the speakers. Yoke arms are secured on these top and bottom inserts. By means of slotted holes on the arms, the speaker allows for 0 degree, 2 degree and 3 degree tilt angles. Due to the minimal size of the inserts, a 3rd and 4th attachment was required to fully secure the speaker to the yoke mount. A heavy-duty safety cable was then attached to an eyebolt in the back of the speakers, and the other end was wrapped around the box truss for use as a redundant safety.

QSC Contacts:
Kristine Fowler
Digital Marketing Mgr.

Mark Mayfield, 
Director, Global Cinema Marketing 

Frank West

Logo: QSC, LLC
About QSC, LLC: Founded over five decades ago, QSC is a globally-recognized leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of award-winning, high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, audio processors, digital cinema solutions, and the Q-SYS™ cloud-manageable audio, video and control Platform. Offering reliable, scalable and flexible solutions for entertainment, collaboration and commercial AV applications, our worldwide network of sales, service and support teams empowers people everywhere to create impactful connections and memorable experiences. QSC, LLC Directory page QSC, LLC Web Site
Adaptive Technologies Group Web Site
About Adaptive Technologies Group:

Adaptive Technologies is a design & manufacturing resource for surround sound & immersive mounts, Direct-View and digital signage frames and digital projector enclosures and lifts.  

Designs are safe, load rated and time-saving solutions for loudspeakers, immersive audio, booth-less projector enclosures and lifts, digital signage for lobbies and Direct View LED video wall frames. 

MultiMount  speaker wall mounts accommodate most surround loudspeakers, install quickly and lock speakers into pan, tilt and clock-wise rotations.

StarGrid grids are kits designed for a specific auditorium and includes a variety of structural components, attachments, beam clamps and speaker mounts.  StarGrid accommodates any size auditorium and provides a safe way to install, aim and secure overhead ceiling speakers.

ProLift  projector lifts and enclosures solve for booth-less projection applications.  Two styles of programmable lifts are available in various lengths, including wall lifts and scissor style ceiling lifts.

GridLink  is an easy to install LED framing system for video walls and Direct View applications.  Adaptive has designed countless video walls in a wide range of sizes from a few feet wide to over 100 feet.  GridLink is used in entertainment and retail centers, education, government and at theme park applications.

All Adaptive structural designs are load-rated and meet strict quality standards to assure that they speed installations, improve safety and help increase the bottom line.

Adaptive Technologies Group Directory page

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