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Basingstoke—Jun 20, 2016

Power of Four, Ultimate Large Screen Solution: Cinecitta’ Multiplexkino Nuremberg Trials Awe-Inspiring 4K Projection System for Premium Large Format Theatres

One of Germany’s most technically ambitious and commercially most successful independent multiplex cinemas is raising the bar for mind-blowing 4K images on the largest screens.
In a pioneering technical trial with Sony Digital Cinema 4K, Cinecitta’ Multiplexkino in Nuremberg has installed Sony’s ultimate new large screen 4K projection solution – the first of its kind. Detail-packed 4K pictures optimising four Sony SRX-R515 projectors combine to deliver a huge 60,000 lumen total light output.
With more power than Sony’s popular SRX-R515DS dual projection solution, there’s ample brightness to achieve dazzling light levels exceeding 8.0 ft-L in 3D on Cinecitta’s huge 30m wide Cinemagnum screen. Teamed with the theatre’s high-powered Dolby Atmos sound system, it all adds up to a truly unforgettable movie experience for patrons in the 520-seat auditorium. Another advantage for 3D presentation here is Cinecitta’s ability to use their existing polarizing 3D glasses for patrons, making this a truly immersive experience.
“We’ve never been afraid to push the boundaries and give audiences something they’ve never seen before”, says Cinecitta’ CEO Wolfram Weber. “Naturally we’d explored other options for our super-size Cinemagnum screen. But right now laser projection doesn’t make commercial sense when technology is moving so fast and investment costs are so high. We’re already proud owners of seven high-contrast dual Sony 4K systems. So when Sony came to us with the exciting prospect of trying something totally new we jumped at the chance.”
Audiences are pulled right into the big-screen action with immersive 4K detail plus industry-leading 8,000:1 contrast ratio and rich, lifelike colour.  The system can be readily configured for 2D or 3D presentation. Sony’s pure, energy-efficient HPM multi-lamp slashes maintenance needs compared with shorter-lived conventional Xenon light sources – dramatically reducing real-world ownership costs compared with other commercially available PLF projection solutions.
Operation is straight forward and equals the use of a standard single projector, using the same auto-alignment system that comes included with Sony’s popular SRX-R515DS dual projection system. This unique projection system has been supplied to Cinecitta’ by European cinema technology specialist CinemaNext with on-site technical support from Sony engineers visiting from Japan.
“This is absolutely a dream come true”, says Benjamin Dauhrer, Chief Technical Officer at Cinecitta’ Multiplexkino Nuremberg. “Now we’ve achieved our ambition of ultimate 4K image quality on the biggest screen – and it really is a mind-blowing experience. Aside from stunning pictures, the other great attraction for us is the quite remarkable cost that’s a fraction of other big-screen solutions.”
In 2015, Cinecitta’ installed Germany’s first SRX-R515DS dual 4K projection system in 2015. Since then, the trail-blazing independent has installed further dual-4K systems at 7 of its 22 screens.
“The big-screen PLF experience is a hugely important driver in today’s fast-evolving exhibition market” states David McIntosh, Vice President, Sony Digital Cinema 4K Solutions for Europe and the Americas. “More and more customers are coming to us with the same question – ‘how can I get the very best 4K pictures on my largest screens, with proven technology and at a sensible price?’ Our quad 4K install offers a very convincing solution indeed and is a real technical trial wow[i]. With Sony, bigger really is better!”
Sony Digital Cinema 4K would also like to offer their congratulations to Cinecitta in Nuremberg as the recipient of this year’s ICTA award for ‘New Screen of the Year’!

[i]At present Cinecitta is the first exhibitor to trial Sony’s new large screen 4K projection solution. Optimising four Sony SRX-R515 projectors the four projector solution may be made commercially available in due course.
Logo: Sony Digital Cinema About Sony Digital Cinema:
Sony Digital Cinema combines a full range of Sony technologies, alternative content offerings, training and service to provide a broad range of solutions for exhibitors. The world’s leading manufacturer of commercially available 4K resolution digital cinema projection systems, the group also offers Sony’s TMS (theatre management system); digital signage hardware, software and content development; security systems and Network Operations Centre (NOC) services for the exhibition community. 
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